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A strong driving force


FEV DLP has made a name for itself for continuous tests on internal combustion engines. Well-known car manufacturers and their suppliers rely on FEV DLP’s outstanding competence and reliability.

FEV DLP was founded in 2007. Since then, thanks to significant investments, the company has seen rapid growth. Today, with a workforce of 185 employees, the company generates annual sales of approximately 40 million EUR. FEV DLP has 41 highly advanced test benches at its disposal for combustion, hybrid and electric powertrains.

In Brehna, the focus is on engine endurance and durability testing of powertrains. Thanks to highly advanced test stand configurations, programs include performance and validation testing on engines and engine components meeting diverse testing requirements and needs.

“Our work has changed significantly over the years,” says Hans-Dieter Sonntag, who is part of the Managing Director team alongside Steffen Kunz. “These days, we are working with combustion, hybrid and electric drive systems. It is becoming more and more important to analyze the market and strictly follow trends. We need to look into the future and adapt to new challenges. Therefore, we need qualified, motivated and flexible staff, and top-notch technologies.”

FEV DLP has a solid customer base and benefits from being part of a strong group. “In our early days, it was of utmost importance to get access to the market,” explains Mr. Sonntag. “It was a huge step to conclude a long-term framework agreement with a successful OEM. This customer still makes up 60% of turnover. Step by step, we acquired new customers and were able to strengthen our independence. Today, our business is based on several pillars.”

FEV DLP is part of the Aachenbased FEV Group, which employs 4,000 people and focuses on engineering services, testing solutions and FEV software.

“We are deeply rooted in Brehna, Saxony-Anhalt, and consider our location in the middle of Germany to be an important asset,” states Mr. Sonntag. “At the same time, we follow a very international approach as our customers are spread out all over the world. Our employees travel a lot, and one employee has worked as a Project Manager in China for four years now. In China, our affiliate has a subsidiary. The group’s know-how is increasingly in demand all around the world. German manufacturers such as VW, Daimler and BMW all have international subsidiaries. For this reason, we established parallel structures to ensure endurance and approval tests.”

FEV DLP carries out comprehensive durability tests and offers support at early phases of development. Performance checks, failure analyses and oil consumption evaluations are part of the daily routine.

“Engines and engine components are constantly evolving,” adds Mr. Sonntag. “Customers are facing enormous pressure nowadays. Thanks to our services, they are able to meet new challenges and to reach goals faster. This added value is more important than ever.”

FEV DLP is keen to continue growing and is open towards new challenges. Electric drive systems and new safety systems will play a crucial role in the future.

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