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Growth enabler


Finders is a Swiss consultancy specialized in recruitment and human resources services. “We support our customers’ growth through efficient, effective human resources solutions,” Director Linda Jaquillard, who is also the founder of Finders, describes the company’s mission.

Headquartered in Lausanne, Finders has a branch office in Geneva and recruits middle to senior level managers for a wide variety of sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals and consumer goods to financial services and telecommunications.

“When we started in 1990, we focused on middle management positions in medium-sized businesses,” explains Ms. Jaquillard. “Since then, we have developed many other market segments and expanded internationally, to France, Germany, Denmark and Russia.”

Finders has a relatively small but very efficient team of twelve consultants. “We have a great team where everyone is committed to creating quality and added customer value,” states Ms. Jaquillard.

A specialty of Finders is the GAP performance diagnostic tool, which measures how well a company’s management and the entire team are aligned to the corporate mission and where there are areas for improvement. “We are the only consultancy in Switzerland offering this diagnostic tool which is very well known in the USA,” says Ms. Jaquillard.

Linda Jaquillard
It is very rewarding to contribute to progress for both employees and employers. Linda JaquillardDirector

Finders wants to further develop advanced, digital human resources services, such as on-line evaluations and case studies, and grow its market position. “I am happy that we have already been there for 29 years now, and I want it to continue for many more to come,” states Ms. Jaquillard, who says what she likes most about her job is being both part of a candidate’s career and a company’s success. “It is very rewarding to contribute to progress, both on the part of the employee and the employer.”