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Metal forming in perfection


The fischer group was founded in 1969 in Seebach in southwestern Germany. The group focuses on the processing of stainless steel tubes and the forming of these tubes. In 2007 the fischer group acquired hde Solutions and Hydroforming Chemnitz, and merged with them to create fischer Hydroforming.

The headquarters of fischer Hydroforming was established in Menden, which includes sales and R&D activities. “Already in the 1970s, we dealt with and gradually developed hydrofroming, which was only little known at that time,” explains Dr. Stefan Geißler, managing director of fischer Hydroforming.

At the present time, fischer Hydroforming employs a team of 70 people at its plant in Chemnitz and was able to generate an annual turnover of 16 million EUR last year. “Our core competence is found in multistep hydroforming processes for numerous industrial applications,” says Dr. Geißler.

“With our cold forming process, we can achieve both technical and economic advantages, especially for the automotive sector in the field of exhaust lines (manifolds, catalytic converters) as well as in structural parts of the bodywork.” The company utilizes the necessary know-how to implement the customers’ respective CAD data and realize specific requirements.

“By means of modern production technologies, we have the capacities to manufacture a multitude of components from a single strand,” explains the managing director. “Thanks to our long experience in the field of metal forming, even the most complex projects can be carried out, be they for the automotive, aerospace or design segment. We are independent experts for multistage transformations of industrial metal components.”

These comprehensive solutions turn fischer Hydroforming into a reliable partner for many target groups. “At 90%, the automotive segment serves as our core market,” states Dr. Geißler. “Apart from that, we supply customers from the aerospace, sanitary, furniture and design industries. Due to our synergies with the fischer Group, our parent company, we cooperate with sister companies all around the world, for example in Mexico, South America and Asia. Hydroforming itself has been extablished for years in the plant of fischer Mexico. We want to support our customers, mainly internationally operating exhaust system manufacturers, in their global activities.”

In terms of marketing, the enterprise places great emphasis on direct customer contact. “We regularly visit international trade fairs,” says the managing director. “Furthermore, we take part in symposia and maintain a team of sales representatives for the automotive sector. Our regular clients, on the other hand, are in constant contact with us.”

Needless to say, a well-established company like fischer Hydroforming with its innovative technologies and high-class products is still subject to recent developments on the domestic and foreign markets. “We always aim to set new standards for our core sectors, primarily through cutting-edge production processes,” explains Dr. Geißler. “Despite our good position on the market, we are highly dependent on new developments in the automotive segment, for example regarding exhaust systems, hybrid cars and electric mobility. In the future, these technologies will certainly gain additional market share.”

Concerning this matter, fischer Hydroforming is eager to make use of its unique selling propositions that already guaranteed ongoing success in the past. “We are able to reliably implement complex issues and adhere to them,” the managing director sums up. “This fact distinguishes us from other competitors on the market. If we manage to further diversify into other business areas, for example in heating and sanitary engineering, Iwill keep an optimistic view of the future.”

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