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Breathe a little easier


Fläkt was first established in Sweden in 1918, while Woods was established in the UK in 1908. Fläkt Woods Group, the parent company of Fläkt Bovent, formed in 2002.

Together, the two companies were able to bring better technology and more expertise under one roof. Today, the group offers its customer base unrivalled air treatment, air diffusion and air movement products and systems.

If the air treatment category is what a client is interested in, the business offers a variety of air handling units for commercial and residential properties, energy recovery products, and heating and cooling products.

A popular energy recovery product is the Econet Premium. It is a safe system with no risk of bacteria or odour transfer, has a heat recovery efficiency of up to 80% and advanced frost protection for cooler outdoor locations. For air handling systems, the eQ Master Air Handling Unit is the best in class for energy recovery, tailorede to fit customers’ needs, energy efficient and optimized with integrated control and has a large variety of high-efficiency components.

The air diffusion section of the company offers customers diffusers, grilles, air valves, fan coils and several other products. “Our diffusers can be placed in the ceiling, the wall or even the floor,” adds Piotr Dalek, President of Fläkt Bovent. This gives customers more choices in terms of functionality and general aesthetics.

The group also offers consumers many choices when it comes to air valves. There are exhaust, supply, fresh and fire safety air valves that can fulfill every need a customer may have.

Air movement products and systems encompass three sections of Fläkt Woods and Fläkt Bovent’s offerings: air movement, air management and air distribution. The air movement area encompasses ventilation fans, fire safety fans, car park fans and cooker hoods. Air management has controllers, dampers and Ipsum optimization systems. Air distribution has fittings, ducts and silencers.

“Our range of silencers are a big draw for customers because a quieter operating air flow system means there are fewer distractions at work and home,” explains Mr. Dalek. With such a wide range of high-quality products comes the need for highly trained staff at every level of the process.

“We have fantastic employees,” says Mr. Dalek. “Our staff are there to assist customers from the first phone call to the final installation.”

Fläkt Bovent employs up to 145 people, all of them lending their expertise to every project. In order to give customers even better service, the company has started actively participating in webinars. During these webinars, clients can interact with employees directly while they learn the ins and outs of whatever products they are interested in.

Customers can also gain more insight into the company’s products and services by coming to its booth at various trade fairs and visiting its website. Future plans for the group include improving the local market position in Poland, increasing export numbers, continuing to develop new products and becoming even more environmentally friendly.

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