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Waste not, want not: future energy is green


“Our clients want to invest in the environment, and need a partner who can help them optimize their processes and costs,” explains General Manager Claudio Picentino. “They are mainly from the food and beverage sector, which generates a lot of biodegradable waste, but we also have clients in the bioplastics, and paper industries.”

Fluence Italy has extensive experience in waste-to-energy and anaerobic digestion processes, and is able to undertake end-to-end projects in-house, from initial feasibility study, analysis and on-site pilot plant tests to the development and installation of a tailor-made solution for each individual client.

“We offer very competitive technologies, and one of our plants pays for itself in five years,” Mr. Picentino continues. “We take solids, liquids, by-products and processing waste, which are generally a problem in terms of disposal, and transform them into biogas, which is then used to power the company’s production. The client benefits from a full return on the initial costs, and a cost-effective source of energy, which is also sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

Fluence Italy has become a long-term partner for many of its clients. “After one plant has been installed, our clients quickly recognize the benefits and want plants installed, for example in other factories,” says Marketing and Communications Manager Laura Silvello. “We are a real partner. We are able to translate our clients’ ad hoc ideas into concrete solutions. We undertake maintenance, and also monitor plants remotely, so we can advise the owners on how to improve their performance. We help our clients take care of their assets so they can focus on their business.”

As part of Fluence Corporation which is headquartered in New York, Fluence Italy concentrates on its expertise in waste-to-energy and anaerobic digestion solutions, which it delivers to clients around the world. For clients with multiple requirements, it can also leverage the know-how and experience of group branches with different specialties.

Established in 2017, the Fluence Corporation was the result of a merger between start-up Emefcy and RWL Water. Fluence Italy was founded in 2001 as Eurotec, later joining forces with RWL Water to become RWL Water Italia. Fluence Corporation as a whole offers 21st century solutions for waste and wastewater treatment, including desalination and water reuse. It has offices in the US, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Dubai, France, Israel, Italy and Mexico, specializing in specific technologies and serving the full spectrum of industrial and public sector clients.

“China is the most important market for the group in terms of wastewater treatment,” notes Mr. Picentino. “As far as Fluence Italy is concerned, our goal over the next three years is to become the global leader in the waste-to-energy and anaerobic digestion market. We are well on course. In Italy, we have constructed more than 70% of the waste-to-energy plants installed at slaughterhouses across the country, and in Ecuador we are already market leader for plants built for the fish processing sector.”

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