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Success through autonomy


“We give a fastest and best-commission guarantee as we do not want our brokers to be worse off than direct brokers“, company founder and Managing Partner Norbert Porazik, responsible for marketing and sales, explains the company’s concept. “If they are able to get a better commission for a certain product somewhere else, we raise our commission to the same level. Yet the last years have proved that there are other factors that are more important or at least equally important as the commission, such as autonomy, to mention but one.”

Fonds Finanz offers its brokers everything they need product-wise and supports their marketing, sales and distribution activities. Autonomy and neutrality are the cornerstones of the company’s business philosophy. “We follow two slogans“, says Mr. Porazik. “These are ‘Success through autonomy’ and ‘Our brokers have to be as well off as direct brokers.’”

The service portfolio encompasses integration into the broker pool and direct contacts to insurance companies via Fonds Finanz. E-learning, commission statements, service and software packages, regular training, trade fairs and road shows round off the package.

Product-wise, the portfolio includes life, health, and private and corporate property insurances, as well as open- and closed-end funds, construction financing, cooperatives, current accounts, instant access accounts and time deposits, consumer credit, building savings agreements, precious metals and real estate.

The team of Fonds Finanz encompasses all-finance brokers as well as specialists. “External studies have shown that we offer the best broker services by far“, says Mr. Porazik. “And we do not charge a single euro for our services.” The company’s strategy seems to be paying off.

Fonds Finanz has hardly any fluctuation and has been enjoying continuous, above-average growth rates within the last years. Recognising the signs of the times, the company invests much in marketing, with Google and search engine marketing being key channels. “Every day, around 20 new brokers join us via Google“, says the managing partner.

In addition to this, the MMM trade fair in Munich, the Capital Trade Fair in Berlin and the Cologne Insurance and Capital Investment Congress are important marketing platforms, too. Currently, the company is focusing on the German market. “We do have brokers abroad looking after customers in Germany, particularly in the border regions“, says Mr. Porazik.

Norbert Porazik founded the company in 1996 drawing on many years of experience in the insurance business. “I used to be an insurance broker myself“, he says. “I was very successful, and after a while I started to pass on my method to other brokers.”

Soon, the business focus shifted from the B2C to the B2B sector. This was an important strategic decision, paving the way for further growth. Currently, Fonds Finanz enjoys annual growth rates between 50 and 100%. Until today, the company has been able to double its net assets several times.

With a staff of 140 and 130 self-employed regional agents who look after the local brokers, the network unites around 21,000 insurance brokers nationwide. “We are the biggest network Germany-wide, and we are positive that we will be able to expand our reach even further“, says Mr. Porazik. “We are relatively independent of economic fluctuations. In bad times, people spend money on private provisions; in good times, retirement arrangements are in high demand.”

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