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The one-stop heavy equipment shop


Fortaco Group has its expertise in steel structures such as welded frames, booms and arms for heavy vehicles, as well as operator cabins, including the full assembly of the vehicles. The company specializes in three business units: assembly, components and machining.

“All our products are customized,” says Lars Hellberg, President and CEO of Fortaco. “Because our customers can and do buy from all three business units, we are truly a one-stop supplier for them.”

The company serves customers in agriculture and forestry, material handling, mining, energy, construction, defense and more. Its wide stance covering multiple industries allows the group to remain strong despite fluctuations in the markets.

Recognized for its focus on quality, lean manufacturing and safety, Fortaco offers a broad array of steel structures, ranging from 200 kg to 80 t and standard-grade to high-tech steel.

“Many companies have moved to Asia in the last few years, but recent developments make producing in Asia and exporting back to Europe less profitable,” Mr. Hellberg explains. “As a result, a number of companies are looking for suppliers in Eastern Europe instead. We’re strong there, and we’re working hard to introduce a high quality standard.”

Fortaco proves to be an attractive partner for its largest customers, some of whom have begun outsourcing to the group. The company has successfully enlarged its portfolio of customers, more than doubling the base in its three years of  existence.

While the majority of customers are located in the Nordic countries, Central Europe is also of great importance. “Germany deserves special mention here, and we opened a sales office in Düsseldorf about 18 months ago,” Mr. Hellberg notes. “Asia and South America are also promising, but we haven’t done any business there yet.”

Fortaco Group was founded at the end 0f 2012 as the merger of Komas and Ruukki Engineering division. CapMan Funds owns the company. “It was a strategic move to form a large subcontractor for the heavy equipment industry,” the President explains. “And today, we’re the largest for the sector.”

The group employs 2,400 members of staff at ten sites in Finland, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. “Most of our employees are highly qualified,” Mr. Hellberg says. “We attract a lot of good people, and we put a great deal of effort into establishing a positive working atmosphere.”

2016 promises to be an important year for Fortaco as it prepares for the complete assembly of city buses and fully battery-driven buses. “We will be able to deliver in the second quarter of the year,” Mr. Hellberg reveals. “The Finnish company Linkker developed the concept, and we’re proud to take part in it.”

Fortaco Group will also continue to strive for excellence in its factories and improve its interaction with its customers. This includes expanding its activities on social media. Personal contact with visits to customers’ sites will remain a priority, and the company will also be present at this year’s bauma trade fair in Munich.

Within the next five years, Fortaco Group aims to double its turnover. “We want to be the premier partner of choice for our customers in heavy industry,” Mr. Hellberg says. “We also plan to strengthen our capabilities in the technological engineering of steel structures to build on our one-stop-shop concept.”

The company already has full capability for operator cabins. In addition, it created a professional supply management team during the last year, which builds on the high standard of the automotive industry.

“Our strategy will allow us to remain the largest subcontractor in our field, especially when we account for organic growth and acquisitions,” the CEO continues. “We already offer the complete range of services from sourcing to technology development to the aftermarket.”

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