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Today, Foss Marai plays a prestigious role as a leading company and national and international ambassador of Italian sparkling wine. “Our Prosecco has been copied a lot of times, but no product has come close to the original,” says Umberto Biasiotto. “Since our foundation in the 17th century, quality has been the focus. In addition, we have the best climate, the best soil and a lot of passion. Making Prosecco is within the DNA of our family and this is what makes our sparkling wine so unique.”

The history of wine making in the Valdobbiadene valley started in the 17th century. In this area, the climate to grow the grapes is ideal and the soil has a unique quality as it contains various mineral salts, which create a particular aroma for the wine. The founding family bought its first vineyards in the area and used the grapes to produce a sparkling wine that convinced the consumers with its fine bouquet from the beginning.

“We have always strived for excellence,” points out Mr. Biasiotto, the sixth generation of the family. “It is still our most important aim to only provide products of the highest quality. The production methods and markets may have changed, but we still focus on craftsmanship.”

Today, Foss Marai Prosecco and sparkling wines are known and appreciated around the world for their unique and excellent taste. In particular, Carlo Biasiotto and his wife Adriana have led Foss Marai to a prestigious role of brand leader and international ambassador of the Italian sparkling wines tradition.

“In 1995, we started selling our wine in special bottles,” says Mr. Biasiotto. “My father always said that wine is basically a simple product coming from the earth that you just have to put in a beautiful dress. This is what we are doing and it works.”

Foss Marai has become even more recognized as a brand due to its strong focus on visual merchandising and packaging. With a collection of unique bottles, which were created in collaboration with designers, the awareness of the brand has increased and the bottles of Prosecco have even become collectors’ items.

However, as beautiful as the bottles may look, if the taste does not convince the consumers, the brand would not have had a chance of succeeding in the market for so many years. The sparkling wines traditionally produced in the area of Valdobbiadene carry the DOCG (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin). designation.

“There is a significant difference between DOC and DOCG wines, which many consumers do not recognize,” points out the Owner of Foss Morai. “The DOCG wines are grown and manufactured in a hilly landscape and with a lot of craftsmanship. Our production times are seven times longer. That is why the DOC wines are often much cheaper.”

Foss Marai offers a broad portfolio of sparkling DOCG wines, such as the Prosecco Superiore di Cartizze, and Guia, the company’s most refined Brut, as well as red and white wines, and a rosé made in Apulia near Castel del Monte. In total, the company sells around two million bottles of wine a year in 52 countries around the world.

With Andrea, Cristiana, and Umberto, the third generation of the Biasiotto family will continue the mission of being the international ambassador of the Italian sparkling wines tradition. “It is in the DNA of our family and I am happy that I will be able pass over the business to my children,” states Mr. Biasiotto. “We have created a good basis and I still see huge potential for the future of our company. Prosecco has become a famous beverage that people like to drink when they are happy. The quality of our wine will remain our focus and gives us a competitive advantage. We have established a strong brand that people will recognize. It is exciting to discover our sparkle.”