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Ariadne’s thread for digital assets


“Providing efficient solutions for finding, processing and sharing digital files has been the philosophy of FotoWare all along,” says CEO Ole Christian Frenning. “When I founded FotoWare in 1997 to meet the growing demand for handling digital assets, I initially focused on newspapers and magazines. Today, we provide one of the most efficient digital asset management solutions for a wide spectrum of users from freelance photographers to multinational corporations. Wherever JPG, EPS, TIFF, PDF, Illustrator, MP3, Word and PowerPoint documents have to be managed, FotoWare is the perfect solution for easily retrieving, processing, sharing and archiving all types of digital assets.”

In detail, FotoWare solutions encompass a suite of efficient and cost-effective systems tailored to the demands of specific applications. “FotoStation is our best known interface, widely considered a must for professionals,” explains Mr. Frenning. “Available in twelve languages, FotoStation runs on Mac and PC and facilitates the management of millions of images and files. The new version 7 has further improved speed and connectivity.”

FotoWeb, the new set of templates for public use, handles archives with millions of images, PDFs and other multimedia content and is the total solution for publishing digital assets on the web. The templates also work on portable devices such as iPhone and iPad, allowing high-resolution zoom.

Color Factory handles file flow tasks, quality control, automatic repro and image enhancement, colour management, PDF processing and archive management.

Index Manager is the versatile Internet engine handling expanding archives of digital media and providing fast access and high speed metadata search. It can handle up to 13 million documents, connect index managers or combine archives to a large one. “Available in three scalable versions – standard, professional and web – FotoWare Cameleon finds the file, gives better control and better overview and, best of all, saves a lot of time,” adds the CEO.

Easy to integrate, easy to learn and easy to use, FotoWare solutions are widely used by photographers, graphic designers, sales representatives, the oil and the tourism industries, security companies, marketing departments, local communities and many more, for example by Airbus, the police force in the UK, the Australian defense and more than 600 newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Headquartered in Oslo, FotoWare has a subsidiary in Germany and a worldwide network of sales partners. “With a staff of 25, we achieved a turnover of eleven million EUR in 2011, 85% of which was on foreign markets, mainly in Europe, followed by Australia, the Far East and the Americas,” Mr. Frenning points out. “Russia and South Africa are important markets, too. So far, we have sold millions of licences worldwide, and we also offer the systems on a rental basis. In the future, we will further expand this offer. Committed to finding new solutions for digital advancement, we will enhance Android and iPad applications. In addition, we plan to offer cloud services further enhancing the benefit for customers.”

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