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Providing peace of mind


France Gardiennage offers security services in two main areas: front of house and behind the scenes. The first area covers high visibility security services such as access control for secure areas, industrial or commercial premises, and major events of all kinds.

In this area, security personnel monitor access points, ensure that people and vehicle streams move smoothly and keep an eye out for criminal activity. “Our personnel are highly trained in all aspects of security and have to possess outstanding people skills,” says Managing Director Yves Chidaine. “They must be seen as a reassuring presence rather than an intimidating intrusion.”

This is one of France Gardiennage’s key strengths. With a team of 2,000 employees, it has the capacity to supply the necessary manpower, at short notice if necessary, and can quickly find replacements in the event of sickness. With activities throughout France, the company is seen as efficient and reliable by its customers and enjoys a strong reputation for competence and expertise.

The company’s second area of activity involves helping event organisers to fulfil their legal obligations in the case of an accident or an emergency. Here, the security personnel are only seen when needed but are ready to take over promptly in the case that a building must be evacuated or other security measures implemented. France Gardiennage’s annual turnover is split evenly between both areas of activity.

Founded in 2002 by Mr. Chidaine’s son Oliver and Gilles Romatier, the company has eight branch offices providing an almost seamless service nationwide. A sister company, FTS provides electronic security services.

“Our goal from the beginning was to cover the whole of France and we expect to achieve this within the next two years,” says Mr. Chidaine “After that, we hope to expand into foreign markets.”

Despite the increasing need for security services, the market has suffered in recent years. Margins are being squeezed by rising personnel costs.

“The market has been difficult since the financial crisis in 2008 and only started to recover in 2014,” says Mr. Chidaine. “We, on the other hand, have enjoyed growth of 25 to 30% each year and are confident that we can continue to outperform the market in the future.” The Managing Director attributes the company’s success to its comprehensive service portfolio and its focus on quality rather than quantity.

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