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“The original concept of the book club is based on membership,” explains Nicola Lodato, Managing Director of France Loisirs Suisse. “Our members buy at least four books a year. In return, they get special prices and reviews to make the choice easier for them. We also offer extra benefits such as the delivery of the new Harry Potter novel on the day of its publication. Eight times a year we send them a catalogue. Our members greatly appreciate these extra services as well as our reviews.”

In addition to books, France Loisirs Suisse also offers ebooks, audio books, music CDs, DVDs, magazine subscriptions, games and toys for children. Comfort and home accessories such as candles, cosmetic products, scents and fragrances complete the portfolio.

Altogether, France Loisirs Suisse serves 100,000 families, mainly from the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Thanks to its long history, the club has several members who have been with it for many years.

The new platform Chapitre.ch is based on an open online shop concept. The club’s existing members can use their memberships and all associated benefits, including their discounts. In addition to this, they have access to the complete database of the online shop. Here, France Loisirs Suisse sells new as well as used books.

“We draw on almost 3,000 booksellers,” says Mr. Lodato. “We look for special books, for example books that are no longer in print. The owners can use our platform to sell these books. Our long-term goal is to extend Chapitre.ch to a comprehensive virtual marketplace. Of course, we follow a multichannel marketing concept. For the launch, our customers can order books in the online shop and have them sent to their homes. The new concept is ideal for growing our subject areas. It will then be much easier for our clients then to find new reading material.”

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