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Fluid movements


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“At an early stage in our company’s history, we took the decision to specialize in the transportation of liquid goods, even though back then no strict regulations were in existence compared to the ones we have to comply with today,” points out Franz Fischer, Managing Director of Franz Fischer Spedition and a member of the founder’s family.

It was Mr. Fischer’s grandfather who founded the transport company in 1948, focusing on army lorries initially, before integrating modern trucks and trailers into the corporate fleet. Today, Franz Fischer Spedition offers a fleet of 110 towing units and 130 additional semi-trailers, equipped with the most modern technical equipment, to guarantee safe transport processes.

“We have been in the market for 70 years and, since the 1980s, we have been specializing more and more exclusively in the transport of liquid goods. Currently, tankers for liquid goods make up the largest part of our fleet of vehicles. About 75% of our turnover of 28 million EUR is generated in this division,” says Mr. Fischer.

In addition to the tank and tank container transportation of acids, alkalis and other chemical products, including solutions for product filtration and evacuation, Franz Fischer Spedition also provides bulk and conventional transport, as well as storage, handling and silaging.

At its premises, the company operates exterior washing units and interior cleaning for its tanks. “Despite our specialization in liquid goods transportation, we also take on the conventional transportation of packaged and temperature-controlled goods. This is what makes us stand out in the transport market,” adds Mr. Fischer.

Most of Franz Fischer Spedition’s customers are from the chemical industry and the chemical trade who know that their transport needs are in good hands. “Our name has become a synonym for the best-in-class transportation of hazardous substances in Europe. The focus is on liquids and all goods that are subject to the dangerous goods classes 3 to 9. This classification system assigns each dangerous substance or article a class that defines the type of danger the substance presents,” explains Mr. Fischer.

Classes 3 to 9 include flammable liquids and solids, substances that emit flammable gases in contact with water, and toxic and corrosive substances. The company has established many long-standing partnerships with the most important companies from the chemical sector in Europe.

Franz Fischer
Our customers are all the big names in the chemical industry in Europe. Franz FischerOwner and Managing Director

“We are experts in the highly specialized transportation of hot products such as liquid sulphur, sulphuric acid in various concentrations and qualities, and isocyanates. In addition, there is transportation for the natural gas and oil drilling industry, which is taken on mainly by our Oldenburg site. There we have a dispatch department for special vehicles for the natural gas and oil industry,” states Mr. Fischer. “Furthermore, we operate branches in the Munich region, Switzerland and the UK.”

At the customer’s request, Franz Fischer Spedition is able to develop comprehensive and individual customer supply chain concepts that focus on resource optimization and sustainability. “Apart from all structural aspects such as lean organization, short decision-making processes and specialist knowhow, other issues such as just-in-time services and regular overnight services are essential features to stand out in the market,” notes Mr. Fischer.

Environmental protection is equally important for operating a modern transport company. Franz Fischer Spedition is continually investing in new technology to guarantee cost optimization and reliability. “We own a large number of special vehicles to provide innovative transport solutions for liquids. Special equipment such as onboard or mobile pumps, air dryers or vacuum tankers can also be requested. Mostly, stainless steel tankers are in stock, especially with specific coatings, special tank materials and hot product tanks. One to five-chamber tanks allow for individual vehicle configuration for each customer, optimized to the type of use and the type of goods,” says Mr. Fischer.

Today, the most challenging factor in the transport industry is finding good and qualified drivers. “Even now, many drivers are from the east and south of Europe, and I predict that this trend is likely to continue, as it is the only way for us to find sufficient staff. The infrastructure like motorways and parking spaces has to be improved, as otherwise the truck driving profession will become less attractive than it is today,” stresses Mr. Fischer. “And we are already experiencing a shortage of excellent drivers.”

For Mr. Fischer, it is important to continue good partnerships with long-term customers and to be satisfied with his staff. Franz Fischer Spedition is keen to continue qualifying and training its employees to safeguard its future. Its prime objective is to develop the company further and drive it carefully into the future.