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Durable dies


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Fratelli Martinelli is a major Italian producer of stamping dies with over 65 years of experience in die manufacturing, stamping, welding and assembly. The company was founded by Silvano Martinelli and his seven brothers as a producer of small metal components in 1952.

“They started with few resources but big ambitions,” says Managing Partner and Commercial Director Silvana Martinelli, describing the beginnings of the family enterprise, which is situated in a region with a strong tradition in mechanical engineering.

In the 1970s, Fratelli Martinelli began to focus on providing stamping services to customers outsourcing their own activities in the sector. Since then, the family-run company has developed into an international group, with 65 highly qualified employees, 16.5 million EUR in sales, and customers all over Europe.

“The company has grown steadily thanks to its specialization in stamping tools as well as constant development of new markets and adaptation to changing customer demands,” says Managing Partner and Technical Director Gian Piero Bruschi.

Based in San Marcello Piteglio in Tuscany, Fratelli Martinelli has a strong focus on the automotive industry. “Automotive customers account for 80 to 90% of our overall business,” states Mr. Bruschi. “We work for Ferrari, Lamborghini and other major carmakers in Italy and abroad.”

Silvana Martinelli
We have the resources and the ambitions to enter the next phase of development and secure the company’s long-term competitiveness. Silvana MartinelliManaging Partner

Fratelli Martinelli produces high-quality dies using state-ofthe- art CNC machinery and more than six decades of technological expertise. “We make all the dies completely ourselves, without depending on external suppliers,” explains Mrs. Martinelli. “We have our own technical department that designs all the dies according to our customers’ individual requirements.”

The stamping department of Fratelli Martinelli provides stamping services and is equipped with over 20 high-performance presses with operating forces of up to 1,000 t. The stamping presses have electronic feeding lines and can handle dies in dimensions of up to 3,300 x 1,500 mm.

The company also offers assembly services to supply ready-to-install components and assemblies. The comprehensive product portfolio of the Italian stamping dies specialist is rounded off by a number of non-core activities, including co-design services in close cooperation with the customer, post-stamping services such as galvanizing and painting, as well as prototype construction and stamping trials before serial production.

“We are a one-stop source for die manufacturing, stamping solutions and all related services for automotive customers and others,” says Mrs. Martinelli. “In the automotive sector, production runs for individual parts are getting smaller and smaller due to a constantly growing number of car models,” adds Mr. Bruschi. “This is why we are increasingly seeking to enlarge our client portfolio.”

To win new customers and develop new market segments, Fratelli Martinelli participates in various trade fairs, including Hanover’s EuroBLECH, the world’s largest exhibition for the sheet metal working industry. “We have the resources and the ambition to enter the next phase of development and secure the company’s long-term competitiveness,” says Mrs. Martinelli. “We are a medium-sized enterprise that is ready to accept new challenges.”

Growth at all costs, however, is not the main objective of Fratelli Martinelli. “The automotive market has been good to us over the last 20 years, and we would like to expand our client circle within that sector. We aim to open ourselves up to new realities without leaving the industry.”