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Complete creative communications


Freestudios is a leading Swiss video production and postproduction firm with a unique competitive advantage: Its studio includes all creativity, production and postproduction facilities under one roof with permanent employees instead of freelancers, making it a true audiovisual one-stop shop for its clients.

“We offer everything from a single source and therefore provide our customers with added value through a unique integrated resource that effectively responds to their creative needs and brings their ideas to life,” Gabriel Rochette, CFO and partner, describes the company’s philosophy. “Having technical, creative and human resources allows us to manage any kind of production or postproduction project efficiently, from product movies to corporate movies, from commercials to media-related coverage, from 2D/3D animation to webcast films and finally photo shoots. We focus on guiding our clients through the entire production process by integrating creative and technical skills from the first sketches to the finished media project.”

Freestudios’ aim is to facilitate the whole audiovisual creation process for its clients to make it much more efficient. The company’s unique and integrated tools offer clients a wide range of exclusive advantages, including total control of the quality of their productions made in-house by a team of about 30 image and sound specialists.

Optimal operational reactivity and flexibility enable Freestudios to answer to every kind of audiovisual request quickly with optimal follow-up of the production throughout its whole lifespan, as the team accompanies the client for the long term.

“As we work towards final production, the team can make the evolution of changes, adaptations and translations more efficiently,” Mr. Rochette says. “In addition, because our concept is based on having mostly permanent employees, we remain truly competitive in terms of price as we only have fixed costs to be covered.”

In other words, the company considers itself an integrated audiovisual tool made available to its clients’ creativity needs. In the end, clients are free to use that tool however they want, most of them mobilizing the whole audiovisual supply chain to realize their movies. Some of them, however, choose only to use the postproduction services, for instance sound design or 2D/3D animation based on their needs.

Freestudios’ concept allows it to work increasingly for direct clients instead of advertising agencies when it makes sense for the clients, basedon the assumption that no one has a better idea of the message to be delivered than the client himself. Thanks to this direct working relationship, the client takes control of the project through better understanding the work done by Freestudios. This way of working also avoids unnecessary costs for clients working directly with Freestudios.

Through that approach, Freestudios makes sure that its customers’ campaigns deliver their message effectively – in various media formats and at the most competitive price. Freestudios excels in translating its clients’ corporate communication needs into ideas and images that support their strategic objectives.

Freestudios has more than 20 years of experience in media design and production, and the company, based in the heart of Geneva, has a team of 28 highly qualified media creation, production and postproduction experts, and generates annual revenues between four million and five million CHF.

Freestudios has gained international recognition in the watchmaking industry, which explains why this particular industry accounts for approximately 40% of total turn-over. Other major customers include banks, small and medium-sized enterprises from all sectors of industry, advertising agencies that hire Freestudios for the executive realization of the project, and international organizations based in Switzerland, particularly in Geneva.

The integrated, one-stop shop approach enables Freestudios to offer a unique number of benefits, including perfect quality control through the entire value chain, high flexibility and creativity in meeting its customers’ individual communications needs, and long-term commitment with sustainable, mutually beneficial customer relationships. “Our goal is to establish a strong base of regular customers,” concludes Mr. Rochette.

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