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Complete moulding solutions


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Specializing in thermoplastic injection moulding, FRIED is a leading European supplier of technical, precision plastic parts and assemblies. The company’s products are used in a wide diversity of industrial markets, including the automotive sector, electrical and mechanical engineering, medical technology, sanitary engineering, household appliances, equipment manufacturing and electric mobility.

The family enterprise is managed by Andreas Fried, Lukas Fried, Felix Fried, and Ralf Krüger. “It is important to bring profound experience from outside in order to develop a long-term vision for one’s own company,” says Technical Manager Felix Fried who had been working in automotive research and development before joining FRIED three years ago.

Last year, FRIED celebrated its 40th anniversary. The company started as a manufacturer of polyurethane foams for automotive applications in the 1980s. Since then, it has developed a host of new markets.

“Today, 50 to 60% of our customers come from the medical technology sector,” states Mr. Fried. “Other major target markets include mechanical engineering, consumer products and automotive engineering.” Product examples are cabin roofs for tractors and other agricultural vehicles, water softening systems and casings for blood purification units used in hospitals. FRIED is benefiting from the growing trend towards complete supplier solutions.

“More and more customers want to work together with a single supplier that is capable of delivering prefinished, ready-to-install assemblies instead of managing ten or more individual suppliers and then taking care of assembly themselves,” explains Mr. Fried. Thanks to its coverage of the entire value chain, from engineering and mould-making, production, surface treatment and assembly to quality control and logistics, FRIED has the capacity to meet the market’s demand for complete solutions.

Felix Fried
We can supply complete assemblies that replace 20 metal sheets that then still have to be welded together. Felix FriedTechnical Manager

“We have everything in-house, including toolmaking, painting and assembling, and we specialize in individually customized plastic components in monocoque construction,” Mr. Fried says, describing the competences of the precision parts and assemblies supplier.

“Plastic is more lightweight and is replacing metal in more and more areas, especially in the automotive industry. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can supply complete assemblies that replace 20 metal sheets that then still have to be welded together.”

In addition to supplying a wide range of industrial sectors with high-quality, prefinished assemblies, FRIED has developed its own product range of protective equipment for wood processing machinery: safety devices for circular saws, spindle  moulders and surface planers.

FRIED employs 250 people, turns over 38 million EUR and has customers all over Europe. “Our clients are global market leaders,” states Mr. Fried. “This way, our products go to places all over  the world.” While continuing to develop new target markets and total customer solutions, FRIED is focusing on three key issues: sustainable development, automation and additive manufacturing.

“In the last years, we have managed to reduce CO2 emissions by 15%, with sales on the increase,” explains Mr. Fried. “We want to continue this in the future, too. At the same time, we are investing in robotics. Last year, we launched a world first that we developed in cooperation with a supplier: an automated grinding robot. This year, we plan to commence 3D printing operations in rapid prototyping.”