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Preserving values


When in 2014 Dipl.-Ing. Frank Ackermann was appointed Managing Director, Fritz Wiedemann & Sohn GmbH had already gained a wealth of experience in the coating and sealing of structures such as swimming pools, sewage and water treatment plants, bridges and concrete structures, industrial floors, and facade systems.

Owned by the Hering family since 1968, the company became a member of the GEB Quality Association in 1979 and was certified according to ISO 9001 in 1991.

“We owe these early distinctions to our own, very strict quality management system,” points out Mr. Ackermann. “The quality standards we apply are valued by our partners and clients abroad, for example in the infrastructure and residential building sectors, and are gaining us a growing number of contrcts in Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.”

Foreign business accounts for 5% of all business at present, a share that is expected to double in the near future. A company with 100 employees at three locations today, Wiedemann is still a family enterprise in the best sense of the term.

The reorganization Mr. Ackermann has promoted since 2014 has even increased the company’s ability to respond flexibly to market needs.

“We are concentrating on four main fields of business today,” the Manading Director explains, “the restoration and conservation of potable water containers, restoration services for the structural engineering sector, energetic sanitation services, and the conservation and preservation of existing buildings.”

The company’s very positive development confirms that the process has borne fruit already. “Our revenues have risen by about 20% since 2014 and reached nearly 20 million EUR,” confirms Mr. Ackermann, who can draw on many years of experience with an international building concern. “Our results exceed the industry average by far, so we expect to achieve annual turnover volumes between 30 and 35 million EUR within the next five years.”

In the course of reorganization, Wiedemann is also increasing its focus on infrastructure projects and the preservation of existing buildings.

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