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Fruitive missions and visions


Froosh smoothies contain high-quality fruit. Not only the juice is used, but the whole fruit is pulped. This way the smoothies contain more nutrition. However, a number of other characteristics also set the products apart.

Firstly, Froosh creates its own recipes. Secondly, at least 50% of the fruit comes from developing countries. The products are offered in glass bottles or environmentally friendly paper cans, characterized by creative and attractive designs with manifestos on the labels.

Last but not least, the company invites staff and customers to working trips on fruit farms in developing countries to get a first-hand impression and to learn about the fruit used in the smoothies. Froosh’s commitment is unique and mirrors the company’s ambitious philosophy.

“We are on a politically motivated mission and engage in many political debates,” says Group Communication & Public Affairs Director Anna Hagemann Rise. “We put great emphasis on trading with developing countries, as we believe that this can make a huge difference. It is important to trade with developing countries in order to obtain greater economic, social and environmental progress for the world’s poorest. For this reason I spend a lot of time in interviews, in universities and doing presentations. These days, communication is essential.”

Froosh was founded in 2008 in Stockholm and has undergone exceptional development since then. Today it has offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Tokyo. The company’s core markets are Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Almost all Nordic supermarkets stock Froosh’s appealing smoothies, which come in 150 ml paper cans, 250 ml and 750 ml bottles, and as bags in boxes for hotels and cafes. “Our products do not contain any additives but have a shelf life of nine months,” notes Mrs. Hagemann Rise. “This is quite unique. We try to introduce new flavours every six months. If an existing flavour sells extremely well, we continue with it.”

Froosh prides itself on being bold in new product development and in strategy. The company is Sweden’s number one and Denmark’s number two in the market. Now, the company is ready to follow its fruit on a mission project and to rock the rest of Europe with appealing products and social responsibility.

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