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Shaping the future with you


“Our idea of an enterprise portal for service solutions is much more comprehensive than that of our competitors,” states Chief Marketing Officer Dr. Wolfgang Ries. “We are able to offer all kinds of services integrated into just one portal – and this clearly distinguishes us from competitors. For IT experts who aim to build virtual services for their enterprises, our portal is an important solution.

Equally important is a platform to develop new services for the future. This is called Platform as a Service – PaaS. Five months ago, Fujitsu acquired the French enterprise RMP (RunMyProcess), which is now integrated into our portfolio.

With RMP we are establishing a development platform for future cloud services. The integration of this platform is another USP. No one else has been able to realize such a solution so far.”

With its innovative solutions, Fujitsu EST targets CIOs of big companies who are working on the virtualization of their IT services. The company is well-established in the EMEA region, as well as in the UK and North America. “We unite development, product management and business incubation in a compact entity,” Dr. Ries explains the company’s success. “In a way, we have the character of a start-up company, but we are part of an industrial concern. This results in a transparent company culture. We do not have strong hierarchies, and we are willing to realize unconventional solutions. At the same time, we are economically sound thanks to the strength of our parent company. Still, the cloud market is in its starting blocks. This means that you need great staying power.”

Fujitsu Enabling Technology came to life in 2002 thanks to the acquisition of a BMW business unit by Fujitsu. In 2012, the company launched its cloud enablement portal and the service catalogue manager, both of which were presented at CeBIT 2012.

Under the management of CEO Dr. Yuji Takada, Dr. Ries and COO Dieter Gatzka, the company has a staff of 50 and achieves stable growth rates. The strategy of Fujitsu Group is to grow cloud business to become a third of all new business by 2015. Thanks to this strategy, Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology is able to make big strategic investments and contribute to large projects, such as the acquisition of the French RMP enterprise.

“In the coming years, our major challenge will be to develop innovations a corporation like Fujitsu needs to be a leading name in a competitive market such as the cloud market,” says Dr. Ries. “Fujitsu does not want to be a follower but one of the leading global innovators.”

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