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Local agency, extraordinary results


G7 was founded in 1992 under the name DMB&B. Through mergers, acquisitions and several name changes, G7 came to be where it is today: a leading partner, especially to the telecommunications industry, with 45 employees and a 2011 turnover of seven million EUR.

“We used to be international, and Publicis is international, but today we serve the local market,” explains Dorota Mazur, managing director. “Local clients want local agencies because they understand the business better. Our competence in people and service helps us stand out.” Telecommunications is perhaps G7’s most represented industry. “We worked with a local telecom company called eRA from 1996 to 2010,” Ms. Mazur cites the company’s experience. “in 2011 it changed to T-Mobile. The following year, we were charged with the rebranding of the company.”

The agency’s experience ranges far beyond telecommunications: insurance, the financial market, banks, fast-moving consumer goods and cosmetics, among other sectors. G7 offers all its clients a full-service, 360° approach, covering all media channels. In this manner, it presents consolidated strategies for advertising.

G7 has clients all over the country and has big-name clients in the Polish capital. “We did an online campaign for Martini,” Ms. Mazur begins listing G7’s references. “It was a completely interactive campaign. We have also been working for Ferrero and its brand Kinder Bueno for several years. Our last campaign for them was adapted for use in other countries. Avon is on our clients list, as well.”

Ms. Mazur knows why G7 is so well loved among clients. The service itself is a major selling point, but the employees are second to none. They are highly creative and couple their skills with passion and commitment to their work. Their understanding of local business rounds off their competence.

G7 anticipates challenges in the next few years. “The global economy has seen better days, and there is extreme competition,” the managing director notes. “That is our greatest challenge. We want to stay in line with current trends, which means getting more involved in online marketing and presenting integrated campaigns. Considering our experience, the digital industry might be of interest to us. We want to offer new fields and be part of social media. We have to develop an understanding of these media.”

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