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Creativity and style for women’s legs


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The city of Łódź has long been a centre of the Polish textile industry. When the founders of Gabriella, now one of Poland’s leading legwear brands, were looking for a suitable production site and quality production machinery , their eyes fell on the shut down textile plant in the city centre where in former times more than 1,000 workers produced socks and tights.

“They grasped the chance to take over machinery from the old plant and started with just one machine and one staff member, but with the idea to produce high-quality tights which ooze comfort, character and sensuality,” points out Export and Sales Manager Ola Zajac.

Today, the family-run company offers a wide range of tights, hold-ups, knee highs, socks, tights and socks for children and even erotic hosiery for the sensual women.

“We aim to accentuate the look for every woman, giving her the perfect feel when wearing our legwear,” stresses Ms. Zajac. “Most of our tights are made of synthetic materials, which we purchase from suppliers worldwide, including Austria and Germany as well as Israel and even from domestic suppliers.”

Technology plays a major part when creating modern legwear, and Gabriella has continuously invested in a modern machinery park and research in order to manufacture the perfect tights.

“I think it is this combination of advanced technology, high-quality material and a thorough knowledge of the fashion market which has catapulted us to success,” states Ms. Zajac. “The fashion market is subject to ever-changing trends, and this is why our design team constantly develops new products and new patterns. Fashion is a product of creativity, and our designers go to great lengths to develop stylish products that incorporate perfection in quality and production skills.”

Tights are still part of a woman’s dress code. Women and girls wearing a dress do not leave out tights – particularly in the colder seasons. Even though jeans have turned into a common clothing staple, tights are still a basic found in every women’s wardrobe.

The fashion market is subject to ever-changing trends, and this is why our design team constantly develops new products and new patterns. Ola ZajacExport and Sales Manager

“Fashion is one aspect of our business but technological advancement plays another crucial role when defining our position in the hosiery market and differentiating ourselves from competition at home and abroad,” points out Ms. Zajac. Gabriella has become established as a renowned brand in Poland. Abroad it also faces competition from international luxury brands. “We do not compare ourselves with these top brands but we feel comfortable with our excellent market position,” stresses Ms. Zajac.

Gabriella’s tights, socks and its other legwear are sold all around the globe with its core market in Europe, but even in the USA, Mexico, China, Israel and South Africa the portfolio is available. The company has set up three main sales segments. In Poland, it mainly sells via wholesalers and distributors who supply small stores throughout Poland.

In addition, Gabriella operates its export business via distributors and importers. Last, but not least, and subject to constant growth, is Gabriella’s online shop which has been in operation for three years now. “We are quite content with its performance and we will expand our online activities in the near future,” says Ms. Zajac.

Another highlight of Gabriella’s collection is its functional legwear with either shaping or medical properties. “We are always developing new products. For instance, we are about to launch a new line of cotton socks with really crazy patterns. And we have introduced a new range of tights named after various cities in Poland, such as the Warsaw tights, the Łódź tights and so on,” states Ms. Zajac.

“I have been working for Gabriella for 15 years now and it has never become dull. Quite the contrary, as there is always something new and exciting going on. New trends, new looks and new ideas are part of our everyday business,” states Ms. Zajac. With its 200 staff members, Gabriella is well prepared to tackle its future. The company founder’s son has also started working for Gabriella, so that the succession of the owner’s family is guaranteed. Gabriella will keep on innovating and translate new trends into tights and socks.

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