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A guarantee for safe payment solutions


Founded in 1990 as COGESYS by Gérard Tchakgarian, Galitt has always concentrated on payment solutions. “Back then, the company’s founder worked as a consultant for banks that were about to adapt payment systems to new requirements,” says Managing Director Gérard de Moura. “These processes culminated in a renewed infrastructure for processing the well-known ‘Cartes Bancaires’.“

Galitt’s foundation and further development is based on these important experiences of the company’s early days. Always sticking to its core competence – consulting services on payment systems and secured electronic transactions - the company steadily grew and acquired companies such as Barts in 2000 - a specialist in the field of testing software - and MCO in 2004.

In 2010, Galitt acquired GFI Monetic company, a competitor in the consulting business and market leader in the field of card payment systems for car fleets, followed by the Société Nouvelle Spheragone in 2014.

Due to this expansion strategy, Galitt gradually broadened its target groups and its services. Today, the company offers petrol and loyalty card systems, test tools and other value-add solutions.

Galitt has 250 highly committed employees and annual sales of 30 million EUR. Besides its headquarters close to Paris, the company has subsidiaries in Montpellier and the United States.

“We are still operating in a niche market and concentrate on three main activities: consulting, testing and engineering services,” states Mr. de Moura. “Two thirds of sales are made up by consultancy, 20% by software testing; individual solutions account for the remainder. When it comes to testing tools, we operate internationally while consultancy services are generally connected to clients in France. Even within Europe, there are too many different systems and no mandatory standards which makes international consultancy services rather complicated.”

Galitt has gained an excellent reputation for its extensive expertise in payment systems and electronic transactions, and its outstanding commitment to satisfying customers. Long-lasting partnerships, characterized by mutual trust, are a result.

“In a niche market, we are a specialist with fundamental know-how and expertise,” emphasizes Mr. de Moura. “As the market constantly changes, the demand for competent and reliable support grows along with it. Due to technological innovation, new payment solutions will be developed and we need to adapt. In the United States for instance, the iPhone can already be used for payments. Soon, this will be possible in France as well. Furthermore, we believe that in the near future, European payment systems will be harmonized. Currently, heterogeneous systems entail increasing costs. This issue needs to be addressed by global players such as Carrefour, with subsidiaries both in France and abroad. They still need different systems depending on the country.”

Galitt’s good reputation is underpinned by important certifications. The company offers performance and safety on the basis of innovative technology, and is keen to further consolidate its leading position.

“We will not only adapt to market conditions but also influence them”, says Mr. de Moura. “We are thrilled to be an independent player in this challenging market which offers great potential.”

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