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Controlling the flow


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“Gardner Denver has a history of developing innovative products in the flow control sector and pioneered Cycloblower and Frac pumps in the 1960s as well as oilfree, magnetically levitated compressors in the 1980s,” says Vice President – Global Product Marketing & Technology Sia Abbaszadeh, who joined Gardner Denver two years ago. “More recently, we were the first to develop a highly efficient Screw Blower system for Waste Water Treatment.”

Mr. Abbaszadeh’s own background is in mechanical engineering, and after gaining significant industry experience with other big names, he met with Gardner Denver’s CEO in 2015 to discuss a move to the American company. “Of course, I was well aware of Gardner Denver as a significant player in the market and had always been impressed by the power of its brands and the wide range of technologies they represented,” recalls Mr. Abbaszadeh. “For me the opportunity to participate in developing a best in class technology and marketing organisation and lead the next generation product development programmes were key factors in the decision, as was the experience of working in a different culture. Most of my working life has been spent in Asia and UK, and I was keen to work in Germany.”

Gardner Denver has several locations in Germany, which plays a key role in global product development with compressor development, vacuum pump development and medical development all located here. In fact, one of its major new products was developed in Simmern.

“Ultima is a ground-breaking oil-free PureAir compressor,” explains Mr. Abbaszadeh. “The unique design of Ultima has allowed us to combine the ultimate performance with the ultimate efficiency and still deliver a footprint 37% smaller than a conventional two-stage oil-free compressor. Ultima is the most compact product in its category and was launched to great interest at the Hannover Fair in April last year.”

Another key product innovation launched in Hannover was iConn, a cloud-based air management platform that has been developed to deliver advanced analytics, enabling operators to stay in control of their installation. The system provides real-time, predictive and cognitive analytics, allowing users to rectify potential issues before they happen.

“iConn is a significant development that permits the digital integration of our products, allowing us to learn from their use and feed these insights into next generation developments,” describes Mr. Abbaszadeh. In accordance with the slogan ‘Optimum Solutions for Specific Needs’, Gardner Denver maintains close contact with industry leaders around the world to find the best solutions for their vacuum and pressure applications, which have become increasingly complex and diversified.

A new extended product range with application-specific vacuum pumps – XD for heavy-duty and IV for industrial vacuum – has therefore been developed. “Our focus is on reducing the impact of our products on the environment by reducing both their physical and carbon footprint,” stresses Mr. Abbaszadeh.

A good example is the new ROBOX energy screw compressor, which will provide a substantial reduction on customers’ energy bills. “We combine the technological advantages of our screw compressor and permanent magnet motor with Robuschi’s Smart Process Control program to halve energy costs,” outlines Mr. Abbaszadeh. “Additionally, the small footprint and compact size of the new machine can free up space in the blower/ compressor room.”

Gardner Denver’s strategy is to develop solutions that deliver value for customers and differentiate it from its competitors. This strategy ensures that the company ranks among the top three in each of its markets, which are roughly divided into industrial solutions, which account for more than half of turnover, solutions for the energy sector, which account for just under a third of turnover, and medical applications, which account for around 12% of sales.

“Our strong customer relationships, global sales and distribution network, and focus on innovation and service ensure that we will continue to play a leading role in this sector in the future,” says Mr. Abbaszadeh in conclusion.