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Over 500 years and counting


Gebrüder Weiss has been in the business of shipping goods for more than 500 years. Yes, that is correct: 500. The first record of the company dates back to a tax list from 1330.

Through the centuries, the company continued to expand, while always remaining family owned. Last year, the business celebrated its 20th anniversary of opening its location in Slovenia. “The 20- year mark was really exciting for us,” says Aleš Teran, Country Manager for Slovenia. “It proved we have staying power and are a valued member of the community.”

One of the reasons the company has grown into a logistics giant and has been able to exist for over half a millennium is because it conducts day-to-day business while keeping its four core values in mind. Those values are independence, sustainability, commitment and service excellence.

Independence allows different branches and partners to self-determine the direction and rate of development. Sustainability means that Gebrüder Weiss works hard to remain competitive through investment and innovation.

“This includes focusing on greener transport solutions, such as cleaner-running trucks,” adds Mr. Teran. Commitment ties into the internal and external dedication to keeping relationships between company and customer, and company and employee strong.

Finally, service excellence is geared toward making sure the day-to-day work of the company remains focused on exceptional service quality. Due to the huge global network Gebrüder Weiss has built up, many of its branches, including the Slovenian one, help offices and affiliates in other countries to complete shipping orders.

“It’s called transport groupage and means that many hands in the Gebrüder Weiss family will help the products get to their end point as quickly as possible,” explains Mr. Teran. The Slovenian office frequently helps move items into and around Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey and Germany.

The company is also moving toward implementing a home delivery service for customers. Other future plans include building a bigger warehouse, opening up a second location within Slovenia and expanding its market position. “We do what we promise; this makes us and keeps us popular with the clients,” says Mr. Teran.

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