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Italian gelato around the globe


The Italians claim to make the finest gelato in the world, often using traditional methods handed down through the years. Their inventiveness in creating new flavours is unrivalled, making Italian gelato the envy of manufacturers all around the world.

With Gel Matic soft-serve and express gelato machines, it is possible to create this much-admired typical Italian taste. Gel Matic was founded in 1972 by Gianbattista Guerini in Orio al Serio, close to the city of Bergamo. It did not take long until the company had to expand its production facilities.

In 2001, with Andrea Guerini, the next generation took over responsibility – from now on dynamism and flexibility are the new keywords. And indeed, Gel Matic showed great dynamism.

30 people now work for the company which distributes its sophisticated machines all over the world. “We have been producing soft-serve and express gelato machines for 40 years now,” says export Manager Danila Santinelli. “Our products combine technology, performance and design. There is a huge range of different machines. Some can be integrated into a counter; others are mobile and therefore extremely flexible.”

Gel Matic, a member of Acomag, the Italian national association of gelato machinery and equipment manufacturers, since 2005, differentiates between the series B Base Production, M Medium Production and H High Production. Every machine has its specific characteristics.

“We work with two different systems,” explains Mrs. santinelli. “Gravity or gear pump, and it depends on the customer’s needs which one is the best for him. While the gravity system is simple and reliable and guarantees a good overrun, the pressuring gear pump system increases the output capacity and is an ideal solution for milk-based recipes.”

A real innovation is the BIB Bag-in-Box system, where the liquid is in a refrigerating cell and guarantees the highest possible standard of hygiene.

All Gel Matic systems are built to guarantee the product at the right temperature, even in the hottest climates. 90% of the machines are exported. Apart from European countries, they are sold to Asia, south America, Australia and Africa.

Every country has its own distribution partner. “For us it is important to sell not only products but complete services,” underlines Mrs. Santinelli. “That means we offer very intensive customer support and an open dialogue with us. Our customers are never alone. The quality and reliability of our products, the effective distribution channels and the outstanding service are our key factors of success. Last but not least, our customers know that they get good value for their money and can quickly pay the machines off. There is a huge demand for soft-serve and express gelato. Our machines can produce both. That is why we are optimistic about a bright future.”

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