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We re-invent trading


Gemini focuses on the fields Steel, Wood, Plastics, Rubber and Infotech. “Plastics, Steel and Wood are our core business fields,” says company founder, Director and Chairman of the Board, Surendra Borad who emigrated from India to Belgium in the 1980s. “Of course, the sourcing of the material is highly important as well as in-house inspections,” he says. “We only buy excellent works. Recently, we added rubber granules and glass to our portfolio. We always try to find something new in order to be one step ahead of our competitors.”

In addition to its head office in Antwerp, Gemini draws on a dense network of associated companies and a network encompassing China, India, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UK and the USA. “We have people doing inspections across the globe,” says Mr. Borad. “We inspect all materials before we actually buy them. This way we are able to give our customers a report on what they buy. Our suppliers appreciate that their goods are inspected on-site and that we pay them right away. When we buy – we buy.”

Gemini has earned its excellent reputation by following a stringent quality management system.

All goods and containers are inspected at the time of the loading process. All goods and containers are photographed and the digital images are sent to the customers, respectively buyers, along with the detailed quality inspection report. This ways, the whole process is transparent and the customers of Gemini are able to schedule their productions.

Today, recycling companies world-wide and granule producers rely on Gemini’s fair business approach. Gemini is an expert in logistics and developed solid relationships with financial institutions and environment regulatory bodies such as the OVAM, the Belgian Waste Control Authority, the VROM, the environment authority in the Netherlands and respective bodies in the UK. The company is in constant dialogue with these bodies about issues related to plastic waste.

Gemini is one of the very few holders of an export license for plastic scrap. “To us, environmental responsibility is an affair of the heart,” says Mr. Surendra. “We established stringent business ethics and environmental protection is high on our agenda. We are a strong company and we believe that it is our responsibility to give something back to our society and to our nature.”

The policy of the Gemini Corporation fully complies with the environmental standards set by the European Union. All goods meant for recycling are tracked from the very beginning till the end. In compliance to the strict EU regulations, Gemini gives evidence that the material has been recycled.

“Our success is based on three guiding principles,” explains Mr. Borad. “Integrity, commitment and trust. Integrity means to do the right thing even if nobody watches. In our case, our inspectors, for example, try to see things through the eyes of our clients. Commitment means that we know each other and that people recognised our commitment. This makes us a top company. Trust needs years to be built but only a few seconds to be destroyed. We earn the trust our customers give us.”

Every year, Gemini donates a part of its profit to villages in Rajasthan where Mr. Borad comes from. Around 100,000 USD a year can support six villages. Every village has a nurse and a doctor and free medical supplies for 200 people. Around 400 pupils are able to attend school. “We want to give something back,” says Mr. Borad. “We are unique and strong and we want to make other people strong, too.”

According to this philosophy, the company strongly supports its employees. Everyone is recognised as an individual. Individual contribution is acknowledged by a comprehensive reward program. All managers are provided with the ability to recognise and reward outstanding achievements on an immediate basis through a Discretionary Rewards and Recognition Program.

Mr. Borad founded Gemini in 1989 when he was still very young. Over the years, the visionary entrepreneur developed his scrap business into a global trading company with operations spanning more than 40 countries world-wide. With a staff of over 100 highly trained professionals, the company achieves an annual turnover of around 110 million EUR. For the current business year, the chairman expects another increase in figures up to 135 million EUR.

Based on its business values, Gemini is ready to further flex its muscles and enhance its global market position. Mr. Borad sees much potential in agricultural recycling, in rubber and glass. “You need a good network,” says the chairman. “It is very important to know the right people in the business. We are 120 people world-wide and we are determined to make the world a better place and to give things a second life. At present, the recycling sector is growing tremendously. World-wide, the recycling market has a turnover of around 500 billion USD with a daily increase of 100 million USD per day. We are determined, we have know-how and an excellent infrastructure – these are ideal preconditions to get a piece of the cake. We have plenty of chances and plenty of options and it makes us proud when we are able to offer other people options, too.”

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