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From moulds to co-designs


Georges PERNOUD is a leading French manufacturer of injection moulding tools for plastics and composite materials. Based in what is known as the French ‘Plastics Valley’, the company serves two main markets: the automotive industry and the construction industry. Car manufacturers and automotive sub-suppliers use  PERNOUD moulds for diverse under-hood parts, such as air ducts, fuel pumps or turbo chargers.

“70% of our moulds are for applications in the automotive sector,” states Commercial Director Thierry Marotin. All moulds distinguish themselves through their outstanding quality and durability. “Our moulds are designed for serial production volumes between 500,000 and one million,” says Mr. Marotin.

The French toolmaking business was founded by Georges Pernoud in 1971 and further developed by his sons. A milestone in the development of the flourishing family enterprise is marked by the year 2001 when Georges PERNOUD formed a strategic alliance with two partners to set up the AGP Development Cluster.

“We combined our strengths and skills with those of two other well-known French toolmaking businesses, Grosfilley and Collomb Mecanique, to reap synergies and cost benefits in applied research, product development and purchasing,” explains Mr. Marotin. “Together, we employ over 200 people and turn over 24 million EUR.” In 2005, Georges PERNOUD established a service and maintenance operation in Slovakia. In 2012, the company opened its own government-accredited research center. A year later, Georges PERNOUD set up a branch office in Michigan in the USA to be closer to its North American customers.

“At present, we are doubling the capacity of our plant in Slovakia,” states Mr. Marotin. “The step will enable us to provide maintenance and repair services for moulds with weights of up to 40 t.”

Georges PERNOUD has 100 employees and annual sales of twelve million EUR. The company is divided into four business units: Georges PERNOUD High-Tech, Georges PERNOUD L.C.C., Georges PERNOUD Services and Georges PERNOUD Machining. The High-Tech division focuses on high-value injection moulding tools with complex geometric designs, while the LCC unit produces lower-cost moulds.

The third business unit, Georges PERNOUD Services, provides maintenance, repair and modification services for all types of tools, including third-party products. And the Machining division specializes in prototype moulds for individual parts or small series. Georges PERNOUD also uses 3D printing technologies, also known as additive manufacturing.

“We are observing the development of this market very closely and are working on our own technology innovations,” says Mr. Marotin. “In addition, we aim to develop the company from a manufacturer of moulds into a provider of value-adding, process-oriented solutions. For this purpose, we want to enter the value chain at an earlier stage and design new technical components and assemblies in cooperation with our customers.”

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