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The human face of healthcare


“Diagnostics look at only a part of the patient, but at Getinge, we see the patient as a whole individual,” explains President of the DACH and Benelux region Rob Geraerdts. “We look at how a patient is treated and helped to feel human again, whether they are in a hospital or a care home. We have a comprehensive portfolio which enables the medical profession to treat the patient holistically. We provide the means to keep everything sterile, the equipment for operating theaters, and facilities for acute care as well as longer term mobility support. This human approach is very important and deeply rooted in the Scandinavian way of doing business.”

Although the healthcare market in general is quite traditional, Mr. Geraerdts has observed that there is a high acceptance of innovation, especially in the Benelux region. Belgium in particular invests heavily in healthcare, and the Netherlands is very innovative in comparison to other European countries.

“One of my challenges is to understand why this is the case, so that I can apply this knowledge to try to influence the culture in other countries,” he notes.

Germany is also an important market for Getinge due to its size, although there is less scope for experimentation within the German healthcare system. “In general, the healthcare sector is under pressure because it is a displacement market. However, we are right in the heart of Europe and because alternative solutions are welcome here, there is always potential for growth,” Mr. Geraerdts adds.

Getinge has not lost sight of the need to constantly update its product portfolio and, in the future, an increased focus will be placed on services.

“Up to now, we have always been product oriented,” explains Mr. Geraerdts. “Now it is time to look at technical services that support healthcare outcomes which are becoming much more important and really add value. This means a different way of selling and needs new business models. We will have more of an obligation to support our clients long-term which requires a new kind of marketing.”

The company can be found at trade fairs and is developing its use of social media. “There are one or two other major players in the market, but they are so huge it is hard to identify their focus. The breadth of our portfolio means that we are not a specialist company but we are omni-present,” concludes Mr. Geraerdts.

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