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Maintenance perfectly tracked


GETRALINE is an independent, French family enterprise specializing in the tracking of maintenance services. The company develops, produces and markets a patented black box which measures the performance of a technical device, such as a lift or an escalator, based on ist maintenance contract – objectively, in real time and remotely controlled.

GETRALINE was established in 1988 by Jean Patrick Azpitarte, who was employed with a lift installation and maintenance firm. “A customer from the sector of public housing complained that he could not follow the maintenance operations,” explains Président Tristan Azpitarte, the son of the founder.

“This inspired my father to set up his own company to tackle the problem and develop an innovative solution.” The black box consists of electronic hardware and embedded software designed and manufactured in France by GETRALINE.

“The device records performance data and activity on a 24/7 basis and transmits it to a database which compares all data with the requirements as specified in the maintenance contract and calculates any deviations,” Mr. Azpitarte describes the ingenious concept. “The customer can thus track the performance of the external service provider entrusted with the maintenance services at any time.”

GETRALINE is a fast evolving business with 45 employees, including50% in research and development, and sales of nine million EUR in 2013. “We expect this year’s revenues to total ten million EUR,” states Mr. Azpitarte. GETRALINE has a strong focus on the public housing sector where the company has installed as many as 20,000 black boxes covering approximately one million accommodation units all over France. Recently, the company has started to develop new application areas, such as car park gates, escalators or collective water heaters.

“There is great market potential for our concept which enables perfect maintenance tracking, enhances safety and reduces costs,” says Mr. Azpitarte. GETRALINE currently installs an average of 1,500 to 2,000 black boxes a year and plans to export its innovative solution to Northern Europe and the US market. “2015 will be the year of international expansion,” explains Mr. Azpitarte. “We consider everything from establishing subsidiary firms abroad to partnerships and strategic alliances. At the same time, we are constantly looking for new application sectors.”

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