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Connecting human and machine


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The computerization of all areas of private and business life has changed the way modern technology is applied today. The keyboard in particular has emerged as the connection between human and machine, and has turned into the most significant device for data input.

”At first we only traded in keyboards, but by 1998 we had invested in our own production and started to build standard and customized keyboards ourselves that are in use in sensitive environments. Today, we are a key player in the medical field and provide keyboards that are easily cleaned and disinfected to comply with strict hygiene regulations,” points out CEO Pierre Beer, who took over the company with two partners following a management buyout in 2013.

Since then, GETT has experienced a highly positive development. “We offer a standard range, including products that are suitable for various environments like hospitals, labs or care homes,” says Mr. Beer. GETT Gerätetechnik also produces keyboards for industrial usage that can cope with dust, dirt and extreme temperature fluctuations.

“Our most important segment is the customized range, which we also call projects. This division offers the complete package for individual operating solutions. Here, we already generate two thirds of our turnover of 21 million EUR,” states Mr. Beer.

Pierre Beer
“At the interface between human and machine, our solutions provide smooth interaction.” Pierre BeerCEO

GETT is one of the very few manufacturers which can process various materials, including glass, stainless steel, silicone and plastics, and offer products accordingly. “This is important for many specialist retailers as they can serve different customers with varying requirements. It also reduces the number of suppliers they have to deal with,” says Mr. Beer.

Diversification and ongoing international expansion will be key issues for the near future, with demand for keyboards and touch panels growing further. Asia will be on GETT’s agenda as an important market for future development.