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Where style takes shape


“Quality, elegance and style, this is what I love, what I am passionate about, what really motivates and stimulates me,” states Enrico Mezzadri, Partner of Gianfranco Bommezzadri. “And it is what drives the entire company. Through our products we create emotions, and this is an important trademark.”

It was Enrico Mezzadri’s father-in-law, Gianfranco Bommezzadri, who founded the company in 1957 as a traditional tailor shop. From then on, the company has never lost sight of its traditional values: quality and craftsmanship.

In 1992, Gianfranco Bommezzadri’s daughter and Enrico Mezzadri took over the company – and shifted its focus in a new direction. “After having worked for so many years on behalf of third parties, we created our own brand, Gianfranco Bommezzadri, and presented it at fairs in Florence and Paris,” explains Mr. Mezzadri. “Five years ago, in collaboration with our friend Vincenzo Reggiani, we launched Ernesto, our second brand. The name refers to Oscar Wilde’s famous play The Importance of Being Earnest. Ernesto represents a kind of double identity: Our jackets and coats are elegant and casual at the same time. They are sophisticated but easy to wear and have a very classy twist.”

Gianfranco Bommezzadri uses the finest materials such as cashmere and baby alpaca for its exclusive jackets: For this reason, they are extremely soft and light. Today, Gianfranco Bommezzadri has 104 employees and annual sales of 8.,5 million EUR.

Japan, Korea, France and Sweden are important export countries. “Currently private labels and our own labels each account for 50% of our business,” says Mr. Mezzadri. “We are keen to significantly increase the share of our own labels in the future. We recently introduced our latest brand, παιδεία (pronounced paideia). The project is still in the start-up phase, but we believe in its great potential. The new collection consists of suits with a very contemporary touch, and we are sure that it will propel us to further success.”

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