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In the process of success


Ever since Michael Schuster, Markus Schikowski and Volker Beck set up their own business in 1992, G.I.B has focused on the optimization of logistic processes. Less than ten years later it qualified as SAP partner. In 2003 the G.I.B Dispo-Cockpit module was licensed by SAP and paved the way for the company’s rapid rise in the logistics market. The G.I.B Dispo-Cockpit system is successfully applied by medium-sized enterprises as well as worldwide operating businesses today.

“Our focus is on consulting and the development of SAP-based logistic processes,” emphasizes Michael Schuster. “G.I.B. has been official SAP partner since 2006.” G.I.B Dispo-Cockpit accompanies and optimizes the entire supply chain. Automated processes and adaptable parameters facilitate MRP, while routine tasks either become more efficient or unnecessary. Thus, the focus of the process chain is on relevant situations, customer-oriented solutions and maximum cost efficiency. “We offer various modules to account for different aspects of the logistic process, for example G.I.B Forecast for applications in ERP systems, or G.I.B. Kanban- VMI for companies which intend to map their Kanban process in SAP or desire to optimize proceses and costs by means of intelligent and costeffective vendor management,” adds Mr. Schuster. “G.I.B. Planning has been developed for complete supply chains and provides an overview of all processes. The G.I.B ABAP Developer Toolbox permits efficient programming via templates that yield considerable time savings.”

The advanced range of G.I.B solutions and systems is backed by a comprehensive support and training program and qualified consultants. Needless to say, G.I.B invests substantially in research and development in order to secure its competitive edge. “Our software is not only very fast and efficient, it also tends to pay for itself in less than a year,” points out Mr. Schuster. “The different modules yield sustainable benefits and can be expanded at a later date if required.”

The company set the ambitious goal to achieve double-digit rates of growth in sales by means of new products and services in 2014 as well. At fairs such as the Logimat in Stuttgart or the DSAG in Leipzig, G.I.B. presents its products and wide-ranging possibilities to an international clientele. Intensified marketing activities and the diversification in other areas support the company’s ambitious plans for the future.

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