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Turning visions into reality


G.M.A. has established itself as a much sought-after partner of civilian and military industries and boasts a range featuring mechanical and electronic products as well as various solutions and applications for the aerospace, shipping and aviation industries. The products are synonymous with state-of-the-art technology and excellent quality, and reflect the company’s strong aim to constantly improve its products and services. “We consistently look for innovations and improvements,” explains General Manager Angelo Punzi. “I always need to go on and on.” This extraordinary commitment is a main characteristic of Mr. Punzi, who founded the company in 1976, after many years in the electronics industry.

“It was a time of crisis when I started the business,” says Mr. Punzi. “I had nothing more than my Olivetti typewriter. I hired an office manager, we started selling our products and we have been successful. At the beginning, we concentrated on mechanical products only and eventually started to develop our own products including electronic components. Four years ago, we took over Axitude Srl, a technology- based company specializing in the planning and manufacture of inertial platforms, which had a deep impact on our development and led to a further growth spurt.”

Today, G.M.A. has 100 employees and turnover of 16 million EUR. Ist products are used in civil and military areas, and via customers they can be found around the globe. Typical applications include civilian and military uses, such as combat management systems, navigation systems and a control structure within the marine, aviation and aerospace sectors. “Our most important customers are Finmeccanica, a leading industrial group in the high technology sector in Italy and one of the main global players in aerospace, defence and security, and Alenia Aermacchi, an Italian aerospace company and subsidiary of Finmeccanica,” sums up Mr. Punzi. “The collaboration with these two companies has helped us a lot in terms of quality and innovation.” G.M.A.’s products have been installed in control units for military units of the MMI and unnamed aircraft as well as a series of civilian airports.

“When we started the business, we clearly focused on military applications,” says Mr. Punzti. “This has changed nowadays. Our research and development activities led to many new products such as components for photovoltaic applications. Today, with a share of 50%, alternative energies represent our core competence. Another important business division is related to the acquisition of Axitude. Here, we are working on new inertial systems, and we are very optimistic that there is huge market potential. Furthermore, we are involved in a challenging project with the missile systems.” Part of G.M.A.’s strategy is reinvestment in new projects.

“I am convinced that profit should be reinvested for the benefit of the whole company,” stresses Mr. Punzi. “I am thinking here of the successful entrepreneur Adriano Olivetti, who is a real role model for me. He continuously reinvested profits and realized how important it is to respect each other in a company. I am proud of the excellent working climate at G.M.A. Our employees are our most important resource.” The new company building reflects his great respect for the employees perfectly. It is equipped with a ‘Garden of the Impossible,’ has special TV and reading areas, a chapel, a huge conference center, modern sport facilities and a permanent exhibition with artwork by Antonio Nocera. Its canteen offers delights cooked by one of the region’s best trattorias. No doubt that the satisfied and motivated employees will lead G.M.A. to further success. There are still many visions and ideas to be realized.

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