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Allied with alloys


G.M.G. stands out owing to its vast range of both materials and parts. “Our parts are made of copper, brass, bronze, silver, stainless steel, steel and other alloys,” begins Managing Director Ing. Giorgio Doglioni. “We manufacture mostly small parts, such as nuts, cans, soldering contacts and fastening systems, weighing anywhere from 1 to 25 g.”

The company processes more than 1,000 t of metals a year to yield two billion products. “Our products find application in many industries,” Mr. Doglioni continues. “About half are standard products. The other half is in special products, manufactured in close cooperation with our customers.”

G.M.G.’s tailor-made components go to customers in the automotive and supplying sectors. The product spectrum alone, however, is not the sole defining factor of G.M.G.’s success. “Our strength is in our control over the whole process,” the managing director highlights. “We do everything on our premises, from casting and toolmaking to the finished product, and we can react very quickly to our customers’ needs.”

A further factor is G.M.G.’s experience and technical competence. “Our service and flexibility are greatly appreciated by our customers and make us highly competitive,” Mr. Doglioni adds. Furthermore, the company holds ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Founded in 1976, G.M.G. began with the manufacture of small goods made of metal. With its 72 employees, G.M.G. earns an annual turnover of eleven million EUR. It serves customers directly in Spain, Poland and the UK, as well as indirectly in China and Mexico. G.M.G. is also a presenter at trade fairs, including the NECSPE in Parma and the Hannover fair in Germany.

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