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Wrapped up in packaging innovations


Unlike its competitors, Goglio is capable of dealing with customers not just as a supplier, but as a real partner: From the extrusion of the polymer to the choice of the most suitable material to enhance the qualities of the product, Goglio offers customers its expertise, actively contributing to the success of the products on sale.

Every product has its package

High quality and the supply of distinctive solutions are Goglio’s strengths. It operates in a variety of markets, including coffee, ready meals, various foods, sterilized products, aseptic goods, beverages, industrial products, chemicals and detergents, and pet food, with a versatile range that can be adapted and applied to different areas.

Flexible packaging and other solutions by Goglio are dynamic, up-to-date and in line with the lifestyle of the customers. The advantages are not limited to the reduction in weight and volume of the packaging compared to more traditional types. The packaging can be equipped with ergonomic handles and mouldings or with innovative systems for easy opening and re-closing. Goglio constantly accelerates innovation to create new solutions that respond to the market's dynamic needs.

Interest in the environment

Attention to environmental issues is always connected to Goglio Group. In the 1970s, the farsighted entrepreneurial perspective of Group President Franco Goglio led the Packaging Division in Daverio to devise and implement a recovery solvent facility. The project was so revolutionary that it remains cutting-edge even today. Significant cuts in CO2 emissions and annual savings of over 2,400 t of solvent prove the efficiency and effectiveness of the activated carbon facility.

In 2014 a revolutionary co-trigeneration plant was designed with E.On. The new plant will allow the Packaging Division to cut the cost of electricity by about 30% and reduce carbon emissions by 6,300 t per year. The energy agreement between E.On and Goglio was even expanded to include the creation of an innovative pilot project for the pyrolysis of waste production.

Goglio’s commitment is also reflected in the study and implementation of environmentally friendly packaging that is both biodegradable and compostable. The company received two OK Compost certificates between 2012 and 2013; the pilot project was the dual paper and PLA packaging by Goglio Cofibox. It is the perfect combination of the naturalness of paper and the properties of polylactic acid.

The commercial success of Goglio environmentally friendly solutions was also confirmed in 2013 with the recognition of Goglio Fres-co Green®, a package consisting of a biolaminated material made of regenerated cellulose, biopolymer, bioadhesive and certified inks, with a biovalve.

A tradition of innovation

Established near Milan in 1850, Goglio was originally devoted to manufacturing paper bags. When paper packaging was no longer adequate, new flexible laminates, a one-way degassing valve, patented by the company, and a vacuum packaging system capable of ensuring perfect preservation of products took center stage. As a result, the Fres-co System® was introduced in 1961. Today Goglio is a prime example of Italian entrepreneurship, a source of pride for the communities in which it operates and for its employees.

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