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In the world of fireplaces and ovens


“Besides our domestic market, Germany is a key account for us,” explains Managing Director István Gyárfási. “There, the registered water-heating systems are very popular. In general, there is a strong trend towards innovative and technologically sophisticated solutions. Technology is crucial in our industry. We keep developing our products in order to adjust them to the increasing demands and changing trends. At present, the water-heating systems for ovens are one of our most important projects.”

Accounting for 60 to 70% of the company’s annual turnover, the production of wood-fired ovens and fireplaces and combustion chambers is the mainstay of the business. In addition to this, Goldkamin accomplishes locksmith jobs.

“The fireplace and oven business is a seasonal business and has its peak between August and February,” says Mr. Gyárfási. “Our locksmith works are an excellent complement to ensure continuous production throughout the whole year. We also take on laser, grinding, cutting and welding works for other local companies. We are well-equipped and have all machines needed.”

The company also keeps good contact to whole sellers who mainly contact them via the Internet. In the last years, this has become the major distribution and marketing channel. All fireplaces, ovens and combustion chambers are tailor-made to the individual needs of the clients.

In order to ensure a constant quality level, all products are developed in-house and sold under the customers’ labels. “We take on the complete planning and closely cooperate with our customers in order to achieve the best results possible,” says Mr. Gyárfási. Goldkamin came to life in 2006 when it was bought out from a big company. Yet, the company draws on experience in the production of fireplaces and ovens since 1992. Goldkamin had a good start but then in 2008/2009 the crisis came. In 2010, the market completely collapsed.

Today, the situation is stable again and Mr. Gyárfási who is one of the company’s founders looks to the future with confidence. “We are well-established in the market and known for the quality of our products and our innovative technologies. We do not aim at growth at any price. We are a medium-sized company and we move forward step by step.”

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