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Time for troubleshooters


Our core business is the line maintenance,” sums up Kjell Andersson, Account Manager and one of the company’s founders. “We have the capability to support customers in AOG situations around the world. In case of overnight stops we do maintenance programs and checks. In Gothenburg, we also have component shops doing works on sheet metal and equipment. If for example an aircraft has damaged skin we are quick to help.”

GoT²echnics was founded in 2007 by Kjell Andersson and Leif Nyberg Samuelsson and originally worked as a subcontractor. When in 2008 the company got its own approval, this finally led to important other added ratings. “High certification ratings are pivotal”, says Mr. Andersson.

“We provide mainly maintenance to Primera Air, Jet Time, Novair and smaller ad hoc customers. While our base is in Gothenburg, line maintenances are located in Stockholm and Oslo. In Rejkjavik we established our helicopter base and in various other places in Europe we can start up at short or long-term ad hoc maintenances.”

With its 30 employees GoT²echnics earns a turnover of four million EUR. “Apart from knowledge and experience our great responsiveness is a key to success,” states Mr. Andersson. “If a customer has an AOG situation, we will be there for him. Even if we cannot fix the damages ourselves, we have a special department on duty for 24 hours seven days a week.

If a plane breaks down in Turkey or Spain, we cooperate with local providers and can arrange help quickly. We do not always rely on our own manpower although we can bank on very well trained and experienced engineers. Flexibility and quality – these are key words in the aviation business. We sometimes work in seemingly impossible situations, like changing engines in remote places.

An engineer is always a troubleshooter, wants and loves to fix things. He wants to be proud of something nobody else was able to fix.” GoT²echnics is going to stick to its core competence of line maintenance. The aim is to become a major service provider in Scandinavia.

“The competition with heavy maintenance providers is too difficult,” says Mr. Andersson. “Airlines go to cheaper countries than Sweden. Line maintenance is where we have our very highly rated approval. As there are new approvals and promising contracts ahead we are still confidential.”

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