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High performance, low emissions


With a market share of 70%, GP Papenburg Maschinenbau is Europe’s leading supplier of motor graders for road construction and earthmoving applications. The company offers a wide selection of custom-engineered graders from 7 to 24 t which are supplied to customers in more than 100 countries all over the world.

Based in Nordhausen in Thuringia, GP Papenburg Maschinenbau is part of GP Günter Papenburg AG, an ownermanaged group that consists of more than 20 subsidiary companies with activities in construction, building materials, construction machinery and equipment, recycling, and logistics.

Founded in 1963, the group employs over 3,500 people and is headquartered in Hanover. GP Papenburg Maschinenbau employs 140 people and has annual sales of 28 to 30 million EUR.

The company has customers worldwide, but among the most dynamically evolving international markets are the countries of the former Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). “In Germany, we have very stable demand, at a high level,” states Managing Director Christian Walter.

To a certain extent, the motor grader specialist is also suffering from the embargo on exports to Russia. “Some spare parts, such as high-performance centrifugal pumps, are subject to the embargo,” explains Mr. Walter. “It often takes a long time to get a special approval for such parts. In the meantime, whole construction sites come to a standstill.”

While meeting the challenges of continued internationalization, GP Papenburg Maschinenbau is constantly developing its products further. “We are currently adapting our motor graders to environment-friendly AdBlue technology to reduce emissions,” Mr. Walter describes one of the latest initiatives aimed at staying ahead of the competition.

The brand-new BG 180 grader, for instance, already meets the latest emission standards without compromising on performance. GP Papenburg Maschinenbau is also integrating more and more remote fault diagnosis and maintenance functionality into its equipment to enable efficient servicing. And of course, all motor graders are equipped with modern GPS technology to allow levelling with millimeter precision.

“Our current portfolio ends at 24 t,” explains Mr. Walter. “But we are thinking about introducing even higher-performance graders with a total weight of 30 to 35 t for applications in the mining industry.” GP Papenburg Maschinenbau is highly customer focused and can supply all of its motor graders with many optional accessories and attachments that enhance the machines’ versatility.

“We aim to meet every individual customer demand, even the most specific ones,” Mr. Walter describes the company’s customer philosophy. The customers of GP Papenburg Maschinenbau include road construction, forestry services, mining companies, the military and municipalities. “80% of all roads worldwide are not paved,” states Mr. Walter.

The company’s main export markets are Russia, the former CIS countries, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Ghana, Canada, Argentina and Chile. GP Papenburg Maschinenbau exhibits at many national and international industry events, including Munich’s BAUMA, the CTT in Moscow and the UGOL ROSSII & MINING trade fair in Novokuznetsk, Siberia.

“We also organize in-house exhibitions on a regular basis to enhance customer proximity,” says Mr. Walter, who speaks five languages: German, English, Russian, Dutch and Italian. “Personal customer contact is the most important thing, despite modern communication technologies.”

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