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How to turn a wall into décor


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“Whether retro, understated, bold or classic, your individual taste is expressed through the details of your home,” says Patrick Molemans, current CEO at Grandeco Wallfashion Group Belgium. With thirty years of experience in both large and medium-sized interior design enterprises, Mr. Molemans is an expert of sorts on the topic.

“Working at a huge multinational company, you quickly realize that every employee there is just a small piece of a larger puzzle,” he adds. “I prefer being part of a dynamic team at Grandeco Wallfashion Group, where there is more unity in collaboration – an essential ingredient to a successful creative process.”

Founded in 1978 in the quaint Belgian town of Tielt, once famous for its textiles, Grandeco Wallfashion Group originally specialized in the production of fabric-based products.

By 1991, the budding company was ready for a change of pace. Its innovative leadership at the time made the strategic decision to shift toward vinyl wallpapers. The gamble paid off, as evidenced by the fact that Grandeco Wallfashion Group Belgium is now one of the world’s leading producers of wallpaper.

From its primary plant in western Belgium, the company has the capacity to supply its numerous customers in 80 different countries across the globe. “We consistently achieve positive growth rates of 5 to 10% per year, but I see plenty of room for further development in this industry,” elaborates Mr. Molemans.

Every office at the Grandeco Wallfashion Group’s headquarters in Tielt has recently been redecorated in order to better showcase the full potential of its colourful palette of vinyl wallpapers. The showrooms in the company’s main export markets – the UK, France, Germany, Poland and Russia – have followed suit, featuring regionally popular designs.

Patrick Molemans, CEO at Grandeco Wallfashion Group Belgium NV
A bold accent wall is a focal point that establishes a core design theme throughout a space, makes a room ‘pop’, and most importantly, leaves a lasting impression. Patrick MolemansCEO

“Our design team in Belgium works alongside our local designers to create fine-tuned collections that reflect the national feel and aesthetic preferences of that country,” explains Mr. Molemans. Despite differences in regional predilections, a global trend toward the use of vinyl wallpaper for a single statement wall positioned among complementary coloured interior paints has taken hold in homes and offices around the world.

“A bold accent wall is a focal point that establishes a core design theme throughout a space, makes a room ‘pop’, and most importantly, leaves a lasting impression,” adds Mr. Molemans. Grandeco Wallfashion Group’s locally based design experts are readily available for consultations regarding your next project.

Potential customers are welcome to either skim through the company’s themed collections books, which feature 45 to 50 products that reflect the current design landscape, or may prefer to have an individual concept prepared in advance – generally a key design plus a range of complementary colours, which is region or country-specific.

The third option of ‘print and ship’ involves developing customized designs and collections for individual clients. It is not simply the quality and eye-catching designs that makes Grandeco Wallfashion Group’s wallpapers stand out, the company also prides itself on its ‘from idea to roll’ concept. This refers to the Grandeco Wallfashion Group’s capacity to take care of every step of the process – from creation, prototyping, and production to stocking and logistical planning – all under one roof.

“Sustainability is at the forefront of our operations,” emphasizes Mr. Molemans. “Overseeing the entire production process in-house helps us minimize waste and ensure our high standards are met.”

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