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Italian energy Europewide


Even as a new market entrant, Green Network possessed significant experience and knowledge. Working for Italy’s largest electricity supplier, Cofounder Piero Saulli, as well as several other managers, had established a strong reputation in the industry before liberalization provided Mr. Saulli the opportunity to form his own company together with Sabrina Corbo.

Originally focusing on large enerprises in Italy, Green Network has also been supplying gas, electricity, solar and wind energy, and biogas to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and private households since 2013.

“We have developed our competence and become a complete all-rounder in the world of energy,” explains Ms. Corbo, Executive Vice President (EVP).

In addition to the supply of energy, the sourcing and trading of energy commodities has become a core part of the business. Green Network UK was set up in London in 2013 for this purpose and has developed into a European trading network covering twelve countries, which supply the Italian market.

In September, parallel to the trading business, the company will begin supplying energy to the UK domestic and SME markets. “There are approximately 500,000 Italians living in the UK, and we will offer a bilingual Italian/English service via our website and throughout our business activities,” continues the EVP. “This is our first step into the export market, and other European countries will follow. Particularly interesting in this respect are Germany, Poland and Switzerland.”

The company is also planning its stock market flotation in 2018. Green Network is one of Italy’s leading 100% privately owned energy compies, enabling complete independence in its business strategy.

“We are a solid company with a huge amount of experience,” Ms. Corbo concludes. “We will be the first Italian concern to supply energy to other European countries. Our top management includes former directors of some of the largest European operators; they recognized our reputation for competence and wanted to work with us. We are very proud of this.”

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