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Going green


GREENTECH, founded by Jean-Yves Berthon in 1992, has long been synonymous with active natural ingredients sourced from local and global raw materials. With its three plants, a state-of-the-art laboratory with its own large database and 100 highly qualified employees, GREENTECH has perfect conditions to rock the market.

“GREENTECH and its two subsidiaries BIOVITIS and GREENSEA are three companies with different core competences that build a high-performing group,” sums up President Jean-Yves Berthon. “Their product portfolios complement each other perfectly, create important synergies and foster our competitiveness.”

GREENTECH is a veritable pioneer in the industry. A constant quest for better quality and innovation has led to a portfolio that is second to none. Using the latest technologies such as extraction and purification, GREENTECH produces both standard products that make up 75% of output and customized products.

Important elements of the product portfolio include phytobioactives, cosmelenes, lipactives and cyroextracts. “Phytobioactives are active ingredients of natural origin that give maximum concentration in active constituents,” explains Mr. Berthon. “Tests clearly illustrate their great cosmetic efficiency. We are able to offer many products that set new standards the cosmetic industry. Cernilys, for example, is one of our latest products based on phytobioactives. Various tests have proven that it is a complete anti-dark circle active ingredient for efficient eye contour care. Instead of hiding dark circles as classic concealers do, it efficiently reduces them. With Probiophyte Fresh, we developed a product to reduce axillary odour quickly and significantly while Silidine works with microalgae and enhances a constriction of the dilated vessels that are responsible for heavy legs syndrome.”

The GREENTECH group also includes GREENSEA, a well-known specialist for the production of active ingredients from seaweeds and microalgae used for cosmetics, nutrition, medical analyses, aquaculture and agriculture, and the company BIOVITIS.

The latter was founded in 2000 and operates as the specialist for microbial mixtures based on fungi and yeast that are used mainly in agricultural and environmental applications. The company’s products are used for fertilization control purposes and the improvement of the soil’s microflora.

Urban waste and composting processes are significantly enhanced by fungal activators, as well. Furthermore, BIOVITIS produces active ferments and functional ingredients for the agro-industry.

“Thanks to our three companies, we offer more than 100 active ingredients,” stresses Mr. Berthon. “They all reflect extraordinary know-how and expertise. Research and development have always played a crucial role for us. A third of our staff works in our laboratory. It is a multidisciplinary team with the ability to adapt to the most specific customer needs. Ten of the biggest cosmetic companies are among our customers. At the same time, we work a lot with medium-sized and small companies in different countries. They appreciate having a partner by their side who delivers controlled quality products with excellent characteristics along with an entire dossier.”

The cosmetics industry makes up 60% of GREENTECH’s annual sales of around 20 million EUR. More than 60% of the products are distributed abroad. GREENTECH cooperates with selected distributors and has subsidiaries in Germany, the United States and Brazil.

“We are a globally operating company with international customers and suppliers,” says Mr. Berthon. “As social and ecological awareness are critical to us, we have several joint ventures and partnerships with local companies and people in different countries. Sustainable development and trade characterized by mutual benefits is what we aim for. We pay fair prices, try to work out technical issues and give feedback. This social consciousness is as distinctive as flexibility, innovation and responsiveness. Despite our expansive development, we have kept the spirit of a start-up, and we all hope that this will never change.”

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