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Switching on to new technology


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Grolleau produces metal control boxes made from aluminium and iron, complete with cabling, developed and manufactured in accordance with customers’ requirements. Its historic market – street light and traffic light control boxes – still accounts for 20% of the business, but has nevertheless been overtaken by the telecommunications sector.

“In telecommunications, we began with boxes for copper cables, moved onto GSM and then ADSL; today it is optical fiber. 50% of the outdoor telecommunication switch boxes in France are manufactured by Grolleau,” says CEO Laurent Marbach. “This proves our ability to adapt to new developments. Tomorrow’s technology is 5G. There are so many new requirements, for example charging stations for e-cars, and equipment for collecting motorway tolls.”

Grolleau produces equipment for the public sector as well as major telecom companies and a motorway concern. “We have the advantage that our whole production chain, from design to testing, is in our own hands, so we are completely independent and can therefore be extremely responsive,” notes Mr. Marbach. “We have a strong reputation; our products are extremely durable and their quality is self-evident.”

We are constantly seeking new staff at all levels. We have our own engineering office with 20 engineers and technicicans, and offer comprehensive, in-house training and a strong learning environment. Laurent MarbachCEO

Grolleau’s success has been built on innovation, and the company sees no reason to change this approach. It invests around one million EUR of its turnover of 34 million EUR per year in modernization – the company has recently installed a new Salvagnini line and is conducting studies for new welding robotics – and continued investment will be vital if Grolleau is to remain up to date with market developments.

“We will continue to follow market trends and create products to meet new requirements,” confirms the CEO. “One very important area will undoubtedly be the Smart City. Digitalization has two aspects for us, firstly in our own production and control processes, and secondly in relation to our product portfolio.”

Exports will also be in focus. While Grolleau currently operates primarily in France, it has its sights set on foreign markets, among others the Ivory Coast, where ORANGE has a strong presence. One decisive factor will be the company’s ability to attract additional staff to its current 200 employees.

“We are constantly seeking new staff at all levels,” Mr. Marbach underlines. “We have our own engineering office with 20 engineers and technicians, but it is very hard to find qualified and competent employees. We offer comprehensive, in-house training and a strong learning environment.”