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French excellence in perfume creation


ARTHES already achieves around 65% of its annual turnover through export activities and sells to clients in 120 countries across the globe. “Depending on the respective markets, we sell through different channels,” explains Margaux Petit, Marketing and Communications Manager. “We always try to meet the customers’ preferences and expectations. Therefore, we offer different products and packages. Yet, ‘made in France’ is a great sales argument in all countries, and Grasse is a synonym for top-quality perfumes.”

Altogether, ARTHES’ portfolio boasts over 100 references. It includes fragrances for ladies, men and young people as well as body care and beauty products such as creams, gels and facial care.

Today, the company sells three major brands. These are Jeanne Arthes, Jeanne d’Urlé and Jeanne en Provence. Recently, ARTHES presented its latest innovation, a new series called Devine Olive. The product family of Devine Olive includes natural products exclusively.

“At present, our ladies’ fragrance Kassandra is our flag-ship product,” explains Ms. Petit. “It is one of the three top-selling retail products nationwide. In the men’s sector, Sexy Boy is our best seller. Sexy Boy ranks number six in the French market.”

In 2011, ARTHES added a new field of business, entering the private label market. Now, the company offers turnkey scented products to different brands. Following the Grasse tradition, ARTHES develops all products inhouse and cooperates with a local perfumeur.

With a daily production capacity of over 120,000 bottles and flacons, ARTHES’s production plant is one of the biggest in southern France. Targeting the mass market, ARTHES mainly sells through supermarket chains. In France alone, the company has 4,000 points of sale. In addition to this, the perfume expert draws on its own sales force.

“In 1999, Auchan was the first supermarket chain we started to sell to,” says Ms. Petit. “Today, we supply all the big names. The last chain we integrated into our portfolio was Casino in 2013.”

ARTHES was founded in 1978 by Bernard Perrin. In most cases, young companies start to supply the domestic market first. Once they are well-established nationwide, they start to branch out into new countries. With ARTHES, it was the other way around.

In the beginning, the company focused on export activities exclusively. At the end of the 1990s, the enterprise decided to distribute its products in France, too. Over the years, the three brands were created.

“Entering the private label market in 2011 was an important strategic move which will pave the way for further growth,” says Ms. Petit. “Soon, we will add another business field to our activities: Atelier de Bois de Grasse.”

Under the management of the founder’s son, ARTHES has a staff of 150 and achieves an annual turnover of around 20 million EUR. “We are able to cover the complete value-added chain from the market analysis to product development and production through to the packaging,” Ms. Petit explains the company’s success. “We even support our clients at the points of sale. This has become a crucial aspect of our business. The combination of our own brands and private label production is another asset of our company. Last but not least, we are located in a hotbed of the perfume industry and draw on profound know-how.”

The introduction of the new product spectrum Atelier de Bois de Grasse is a key item on the company’s future agenda. “We will expand the product range of our existing brands continuously,” says Ms. Petit. “Our goal is to launch around 20 new products every year. Innovation has always been in our DNA. We develop together with our clients and try to understand new trends and demands early. For the coming years, we see particular growth potential in the private label sector. We have not exploited our capacities to the full yet.”

Against the background of plans for internationalization, the digitization of the company will be increasingly important, too. “We believe in cross-channel marketing,” says Ms. Petit. “Therefore, we overhauled our complete web presence. Soon, we will introduce our first own online shop. We see a constant tendency towards online shopping in our market sector.”

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