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Groupe EML – specialised in refractory solutions


Today, Groupe EML integrates five different companies. Prevel is the group’s engineering arm, focusing on calculation and construction of refractory solutions. Hepha (comprising three subsidiaries) is specialised in the production of refractory concrete parts for furnaces. Hepha has its own sales subsidiaries in Tunisia, Morocco and Algiers.

Iris, which joined the group in 2013, is the specialist for refractory anchors and insulation speciality products for integration in concrete. Euroloc provides rental equipment for furnace installation. The newest subsidiary is Isolmondégo which joined Groupe EML in November 2015.

This mounting factory is located in Portugal. Groupe EML is a well-known name in many different industries, such as cement, steel or glass but also among industrial and waste incineration companies and the communities. The company is active worldwide.

“It depends on the respective companies,” says Rémi Ehrler. “For example, our subsidiary Iris achieves almost 80% of its annual turnover through export activities. At present, the demand for refractory equipment is low in France. As a result, we started enhancing our export activities. Abroad, the markets are moving much faster. At the moment, the Middle East and North Africa are interesting for us. There are also promising prospects in India. We offer high-quality products, deliver quickly and are able to respond individually to our clients’ needs. Our engineers are well-qualified and our customers strongly benefit from the synergy effects between our subsidiaries. Last but not least, we offer value for money. These are excellent preconditions for further growth.”

Despite the limited French market, Groupe EML will pursue its national effort and increase its development abroad.

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