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New structures – well-tried quality


The Centre Commercial de La Praille, the Patek Philippe watchmakers’ museum, the Musée d’ethnographie de Genève and Vitam Parc are just a few of the names in the customer portfolio of GROUPE M.

“Our focus is on the installation of bathtubs, showers and toilets, kitchens as well as gas installations. We provide the calculation of technical flows of water and gas, and install and maintain all necessary units, devices and fittings,” explains Managing Director Christian Chalut. “Our customers are both business and private clients; many of the projects we implement are for the watchmaking industry as well as shopping centers and large private mansions.”

Founded as a small business for sanitary installations as far back as 1886, the company changed ownership as well as its name repeatedly over the decades.

Finally, in the year 2000, Mr. Christian Chalut’s father took over the company, which was then called Martin Sanitaires SA, and the 17 employees and transformed it in the years to follow.

“At the same time, my father also acquired a company called BTM,” says Mr. Chalut. “He had good contacts as he had worked in a large company beforehand. Today, we have many large customers and work on important as well as famous and prestigious projects.”

Mr. Chalut joined his father’s business in 2010 after completing several projects. It was he who, at the beginning of this year, transformed the company into LE GROUPE M.

The company group employs 115 members of staff and turns over a total of approximately 20 million CHF annually. It consists of the four units MSSA, RED, #jacot chanson and BLUE.

“MSSA is the former Martin Sanitaires. It is responsible for our bigger, more extravagant projects,” the Managing Director explains. “RED stands for ‘Renovation, Entretien, Depannage’ and is our unit for maintenance and emergency support in Geneva. The customers are mostly property management firms. #jacot chanson has the same focus but is based in Lausanne,” he adds. “BLUE, the former BTM, works for all three units as well as external customers. It is in charge of calculations, design and prices.”

GROUPE M’s key to success is its uncompromised commitment to quality and the perfection with which it implements every single project. “We have a high-end reputation, and the fact that we work for well-known customers brings more business,” Mr. Chalut says. “That way, we can rely almost completely on word-of-mouth advertising.”

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