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“Groupe Métropole runs four hotels with a total of 500 rooms here in Lyon,” says Managing Director Eric Giorgi, who carries on the business in the second family generation. “Firstly, we have the Relais & Chateau Villa Florentine, which is our five star hotel. It also has a star in the Michelin guide. Our four star Hotel Lyon Métropole & Spa boasts the largest urban spa in the whole of France. Hotel des Congrès, the first hotel in our group, and Hotel Lyon-ouest are our two three-star establishments.” All hotels are maintained at a high standard by the group's own cleaning company.

Groupe Métropole employs 300 members of staff, who are regularly schooled. The group attaches great importance to personnel management as only an employee who feels comfortable in his workplace is considered to be able to deliver good service to the guests.

“We are a family-run company and it is very important to us to be close to our employees as well as our guests.” Eric Giorgi Managing Director

“This is why I always have an ear for my employees,” explains Mr. Giorgi. “We are a family-run company and it is very important to us to be close to our employees as well as our guests.” This approach has proven successful as the company can rely on many loyal customers who regularly return to the hotel of their choice.

With 65 to 70%, business travellers make up the main customer group of Groupe Métropole. These guests arrive mostly from European countries, particularly those bordering France but also Denmark and Great Britain, as well as the USA. Taking part in congresses and meetings held in Lyon, their average stay is two days.

The other 30 to 35% of revenues is achieved mainly through independent travellers. “On top of that we have around 1,000 members to our spa who are not hotel guests but Lyon locals,” adds Mr. Giorgi.

Many guests find their way to the Groupe Métropole hotels via online booking systems, but the group also provides its own central reservation office for direct bookings. “People are comparing prices these days and have begun to realize that online booking systems such as booking.com don't always provide the cheapest offer but the hotels themselves,” says Mr. Giorgi. “We try to make it as easy as possible for our guests and many of them repay us with their trust and loyalty.”

It was Mr. Giorgi's father who started Groupe Métropole in 1979. Active in the construction industry, a plot of land that he was due to build flats on was extended to accommodate a hotel. “My brother came to manage this hotel, the Hotel des Congrès. That is how the family business started out, and we have put our whole hearts into it,” Mr. Giorgi recalls. The company motto 'hôteliers par passion' (hoteliers out of passion) is more than just a slogan.

Groupe Métropole has even more in store for its guests: “This summer, we are going to open another three star hotel with 100 rooms, and yet another one is due to follow in September 2016,” explains the Managing Director. “The first one will be called Park Est and is situated right near the motorway. It will have fantastic traffic connections. The second one, Hotel Parksone, is located right in the heart of Lyon itself.”

4* Hotel Lyon Métropole
5* Hotel Villa Florentine

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