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Excellence in support: Partnering for success


PASàPAS – meaning step by step – was founded in 2007 by two former SAP consultants to provide a support service for companies which use SAP as the platform for their operations. KPF meanwhile, was a separate company which concentrated on providing SAP infrastructure, integration and consultation.

The 2017 merger of PASàPAS and KPF was, therefore, the perfect partnership. Today, PASàPAS-KPF is one group, and is licensed by the SAP organization to sell and support its products. PASàPAS-KPF supports customers that have problems in the use of SAP or want to implement new systems.

“In general, we support our clients in the process of digitization. That encompasses a variety of solutions. Among others, the installation and use of SAP including the Cloud, which enable them to transform their business,” says Marketing and Communications Manager Alexandra Le Carpentier. “Many of our clients already use SAP and need regular support, or help to monitor their solutions. There are different key scenarios. For example the client develops its business, maybe with new branches or new products. We help them develop the ERP accordingly. In another case, our staff work on site with our customers to help them implement changes and additions to their systems. We are flexible and act according to the need of our clients.”

In relation to the first scenario, customers can also purchase so-called tickets, which they can redeem for services as required. Customers are from every industry and are generally French mid-sized firms with turnover in the range of 100 million to one billion EUR, although PASàPAS-KPF also serves smaller clients too.

Ms. Le Carpentier attributes PASàPAS-KPF’s success to three key strengths. “Firstly, there is the human element,” she says. “We have fantastic working conditions and a very low staff turnover, which means that our customers have continuity in terms of the staff who work with them. The staff actually own 43% of the company shares. Secondly, we are recognized as a real expert in our market; again, this is down to our staff who are supported to expand their skills and experience. Thirdly, when a new programme is necessary, we try to integrate this with the existing system rather than selling a whole new system.”

The company was recently the first in France to implement SAP’s new programme: S-4 Hana. “Through our close cooperation with SAP, we are in a position to be one step ahead,” emphasises Ms. Le Carpentier. The outlook for PASàPAS-KPF is extremely promising. “The French market is dynamic,” Ms. Le Carpentier continues. “More budget is available for IT in general, and the impact of the digital transformation, the internet of things and artificial intelligence is increasing. As a result, we have experienced two-digit growth in recent years which looks set to continue.”

Ms. Le Carpentier has worked for PASàPAS-KPF since 2011 and values, among many other things, the management style of the firm which trusts its employees with responsibility and autonomy, and the atmosphere. “PASàPAS-KPF takes care of the little things – free fruit and coffee for example – and the staff cooperate fantastically with each other,” she sums up.

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