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Hidden specialist


GuS Glass + Safety specializes in periscopes and armoured glass designed to protect human lives. The company was established by Dieter Kuhnke in 1977 and originally focused on tank periscopes for the German Federal Armed Forces.

Over the years, the product range has been continuously expanded. “In 2000, we started manufacturing armoured glass and significantly expanded our production capacity and systems,” says Managing Director Dr. Tanja Lindermeier-Kuhnke, who took over responsibility from her father in 2015.

Today, GuS is a global leader in its market, concentrating on individually customized solutions which are 100% developed, engineered and produced in Germany. The family-managed enterprise offers periscopes and armoured glass for military applications, including combat vehicles and ships, as well as armoured, multilayer glass, which combines different transparent, high-strength materials, for civilian applications such as forestry or construction vehicles, safety glass doors, and transparent floors.

GuS supplies more than 40 armed forces all over the world. Other customers include civil protection and security services, architects, engineering firms and research organizations. Besides offering new periscopes and armoured glass solutions, GuS provides comprehensive maintenance, repair and inspection services for its products.

“In this case, our customer is the user, such as the Federal Armed Forces, and not the vehicle manufacturer,” explains Dr. Lindermeier-Kuhnke. GuS operates in a niche market with high barriers to entry due to strict official technical approvals and has a strong focus on made-to-measure solutions.

“We work closely together with our customers,” states Dr. Lindermeier-Kuhnke. “Every periscope is precisely adapted to each individual vehicle type.” GuS is also dedicated to constant applied research and product development.

The latest innovative new product presented by the German family business is the world’s first sand-resistant periscope, which promises diamond-like resistance to sand impact thanks to the use of high-quality ceramic.

“We are constantly integrating new materials, such as high-resistance ceramics, and continue to design more lightweight products that still offer the same or even a higher level of protection,” says Dr. Lindermeier-Kuhnke describing the trend in product development and manufacturing.

To win new customers, GuS participates in several major fairs, including London’s Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI), the world’s leading defence and security event. GuS wants to expand its market position further in both periscopes and armoured glass through enhanced internationalization and innovation.

“We have two development priorities,” says Dr. Lindermeier-Kuhnke. “Firstly, we are ready to seize opportunities in Europe and worldwide. And secondly, we are looking for new, civil application segments for armoured glass, such as cash transport or mining vehicles. We are constantly searching for new challenges, markets and applications in order to secure the company’s future and its jobs.”

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