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Optimizing thermal interfaces


Founded in 2006 in Deizisau, Baden-Württemberg, as a sister company of HALA Dichtungen und Isolierteile GmbH & Co. KG, HALA Contec – its name is formed from ‘connecting technologies’– and initially supplying sealing and insulation products, the company has over the first decade, developed its system-related product portfolio, offering added services.

“Our focus is to work in depth with the customer application on a system level,” explains Managing Director Dr. Wilhelm Pohl. “We have repositioned our brand to a multi-layer portfolio of services, manufacturing and expertise under the driving slogan ‘Creating Dimensions’ to reflect our multi-dimensionality in line with our credo: one plus one equals three.”

Today, HALA manufactures a wide range of products for heat management using a broad portfolio of thermal interface materials and complementary hardware to assist the design of an optimal cooling system.

Each is tailor made to the specific requirements of the application while considering its boundary conditions and mission profile. HALA’s position is the European supply hub and center of competence for thermal interface technologies.

Intelligent 360° systems are brought to fruition from start to finish, starting with feasibility and design options, engineering and simulation, rapid prototyping, hardware and testing, assisting automated assembly and processing before reaching the end solution.

“Systematically and bound to our customer’s success, thus winning time to market of their own products,” Dr. Pohl states. “While doing so we do not forget to focus on design-to-cost as a relevant principle. Often resulting even in slimmed down solutions with low material content.”

HALA’s products are applied in a diverse range of industries including automotive, medical, automation, white goods, renewable energy among others; in fact any sector where electronics need to be cooled or occasionally to be heated or protected from heat.

More than 50% of the company’s turnover is generated from exports, primarily within Europe, however, sales are growing steadily in the Far East and markets worldwide. For that reason a liaison office in Hong Kong was established in 2016.

Within Europe, HALA works with a strategic network of exclusive partners of highly acknowledged, delong-standing experts in thermal management who represent HALA locally as a brand across Europe. This results in a completely reliable transparent service and enables HALA and its partnered thermal managers to leverage synergies in knowledge and experience across the network, again, creating win-win benefits for its customers.

Satisfying customer needs within all industries is becoming more and more challenging. The trend is moving to increasingly complex construction designs and processing methods, including automated assembly and material handling such as dispensing or pre-applied printing. Furthermore the global supply chains of many clients means that intelligent international logistics and just-in-time deliveries are becoming a key theme.

Due to organic growth and its customer base becoming wider, HALA opened its second production facility in Kirchheim unter Teck in Baden Württemberg, southern Germany, in December 2016.

“This enables us to better meet, in particular, automotive industry requirements,” points out Dr. Pohl. “We now also have more capacity to work on upcoming innovations.”

From 2017 HALA will use the new factory to diversify and increase the value of its products and services still further by processing new materials, both fluid and solid.

“In addition, we see a strong future in being active globally, offering hardware for our system solutions in the areas of heat pipe assemblies, heat spreaders and advanced cooling solutions and innovations,” adds Mr. Pohl. “Over the next ten years we are aiming to extend our strong partner network both in terms of continuous growth and penetration of our brand. HALA is well on the way; we have just partnered with a company in Australia and are also looking closely at the US market.”

“Our competitors see us as a main market challenger and driver of innovation,” Dr. Pohl says, “I believe my father’s guiding principle sums up our philosophy: ‘In the long run, only those who work hard find happiness’ (Helmuth Graf von Moltke 1800-1891 Prussian Field Marshall).”

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