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Pure projects


HMVT is a well-known specialist for soil remediation and the purification of water and air currents. The company was founded in 1988 as a co-subsidiary of Hannover Umwelt Technik, which was part of Hannover Insurance.

In 1990, HMVT was formally set up: Four years later, due to a management buyout, HMVT became an independent company – a milestone and the beginning of itsa dynamic development. In 2001, HMVT was acquired by Oranjewoud, now Antea Group.

HMVT still operates independently, is headquartered in Ede and has a subsidiary in Brecht, Belgium. 27 employees workg in the Netherlands, 14 in Belgium. In 2015, annual sales exceeded five million EUR.

The story of HMVT is a story of great dynamic. “In the late 1990s, we got our first major assignment,” explains Marco van den Brand, Business Manager of HMVT. “Back then, soil remediation was a hot topic; soil needed to be pure. However, times have changed. Nowadays, policies are more pragmatic. The market is not booming as it was before, but the order books are still full. Even during the global economic crisis, we had important projects at home and abroad.”

HMVT constantly adapted its service range and expanded into new markets to face difficult market conditions. The company set up joint ventures to widen its scope – a future-oriented decision.

“We established a joint venture with a US specialist for thermal remediation,” says Mr. van den Brand. “As a result, we have projects all over Europe now. Thanks to our joint venture with Reym, a specialist for industrial cleaning, we now offer industrial degassing solutions, too. Together, we provide mobile degassing solutions.”

Today, 75% of activities are made up of in-situ soil remediation including thermal remediation. Industrial degassing accounts for the remaining 25%. “Both market segments are growing,” states Mr. van den Brand. “For next year, we have a lot of work set out already. Projects in soil remediation are always long term and generally take a few years plus half a year to prepare. In contrast, mobile degassing projects take much less time. Companies call us today because they need us in two weeks.”

HMVT is one of the leading partners in the Netherlands and Belgium when it comes to soil remediation and ranks among the world’s top specialists for thermal in-situ remediation. Last but not least, it is a much sought-after partner of well-known oil, gas and chemical industries – perfect conditions to continue pursing international development further.

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