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Masters of stainless steel


Hasler boasts over 70 years of experience in the engineering sector, and until 2009 it was mainly involved in contract manufacturing. This strategy brought the company into difficulties during the financial crisis of 2008, and it was taken over by SKAN Holding AG. This marked the start of a new business strategy involving using its wealth of inhouse expertise to produce its own tailor-made solutions.

Today, these account for half of its business, and the company’s fortunes have been transformed. “We are now a niche player with very specific skills that can be applied in a variety of areas,” says Managing Director Matthias Frei, who has been responsible for making Hasler profitable again.

Hasler’s technical expertise encompasses engineering and construction, laser cutting, edge finishing, turning and milling, welding, and polishing. Its activities range from consulting and engineering services to machine building and tailored solutions.

The main applications for its solutions are in sterile packaging systems for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Hasler also produces so-called E-Beams for its parent company. These are steel plates sandwiched with a layer of lead and used in the process of irradiating disposable syringes in order to sterilize them.

After so long in the market, Hasler is a well-known player with little need to advertise. Nearly all of its annual turnover is generated from exports, both direct and indirect. Turnover in 2011 reached 4.5 million CHF, and an increase to five million CHF is expected in 2012.

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